BURG-WÄCHTER für „höchste Kundenzufriedenheit“ ausgezeichnet

BURG-WÄCHTER awarded for "highest customer satisfaction"

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Prestigious award for BURG-WÄCHTER: The German Institute for Product andMarket Evaluation has awarded the security specialist with the PLUS X AWARD2021 for "highest customer satisfaction". The coveted award was givenas a result of a survey of almost 4000 customers.The consumers havedecided: BURG-WÄCHTER is one of the brands with the highest customersatisfaction in Germany. This was the result of a recent survey conducted bythe German Institute for Product and Market Evaluation in various categories.The security specialist from Wetter-Volmarstein leads the ranking in theletterboxes and parcel boxes segment and was therefore awarded the prestigiousPLUS X AWARD 2021 for "highest customer satisfaction".An award fromcustomers for first-class work"We are verypleased about this award. After all, the customers voted for our products. Thisproves that our products are very well received by people due to their highquality and ease of use," says Gerrit Lüling, Sales Division Manager at BURG-WÄCHTER. Especially when it comes to letterboxes, the company has been oneof the market leaders for decades and convinces end consumers with durablemodels made of various materials.BURG-WÄCHTER notonly offers classic stainless steel or cast-iron letterboxes, but alsohigh-quality plastic models in many different colours. The company has beendeveloping and producing models for all requirements since 1975. BURG-WÄCHTERstill produces many letterboxes "Made in Germany" today. BURG-WÄCHTERalways pays attention to the durability of the models. In addition, practicaldetails such as the opening stop make everyday life easier.Winner of the PLUS XAWARD: the eBoxx EASY + parcel box from BURG-WÄCHTER.Perfect combination:With a parcel box plus letterbox attachment, you receive all deliveries fromparcel services and all other delivery companies directly.Perfect combination:Parcel box plus letterboxThe eBoxx EASY +parcel box is a brand new addition to BURG-WÄCHTER's extensive letterbox range.With it, every delivery is delivered at the first attempt - regardless of theparcel or delivery service. A special feature of the product: Multipledeliveries from different service providers are also possible. If a parcel isalready deposited, the eBoxx EASY + can only be opened by entering a code.In addition, theparcel box can be supplemented with the exactly matching top-mounted letterbox,so a separate letterbox is no longer needed. "Driven by the onlineshopping boom, more and more parcels have been sent in recent years. Our eBoxxtherefore fits exactly into the times and enables customers to receive everyorder directly. This not only saves time and nerves, but also helps to protectthe environment," says Gerrit Lüling.Atotal of 3868 valid votes were evaluated for the survey conducted by the GermanInstitute for Product and Market Evaluation in July 2021. The women and mensurveyed were between 20 and 65 years old. From the results, 46 brands wereidentified that, from the end consumers' point of view, keep their promises andoffer high-quality products as well as good service. Like BURG-WÄCHTER, theywere awarded in the category letterboxes for the "highest customersatisfaction". Mercedes-Benz (automotive), Adidas (sportswear), Boss(fashion) and Velux (windows), among others, also received awards.