Türschlosselektronik-secuENTRY Einzelkomponenten 〡 ENTRY easy Duo 7650 CYL

ENTRY easy Duo 7650 CYL

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secuEntry easy Duo 7650: The electronic door lock for all cases.An absolute novelty from BURG-WÄCHTER! The secuENTRY easy Duo door cylinder can not only be opened by code, fingerprint, smartphone or active and passive transponder, but also comes with an emergency lock just in case. The secuENTRY easy Duo 7650 thus offers unprecedented flexibility.AES encryptedIf you open the door with a fingerprint, code or smartphone, you no longer need to carry a cumbersome key. This way you avoid losing a key and no longer take a security risk! When opening via Bluetooth (code, fingerprint, active transponder, smartphone), all information is securely AES-encrypted during data transmission (5.2 LE) and thus optimally protected against manipulation. The range is up to 4 metres in each case. The cylinder also has a history function and remembers the last 2000 openings.

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