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BURG-WÄCHTER biometrisches Fingerprint Vorhängeschloss

Biometric padlocks


800 65 SB



700 55


One lock for multiple tasks

Designed and manufactured with years of experience.

You can rely on a BURG-WÄCHTER padlock
BURG-WÄCHTER offer locks and bolts for all applications with years of manufacturing experience we provide reliable security you can trust. The body and shackle of our padlocks offer high resistance to attack and burglary. This is ensured by carefully selected materials and robust design.

Discover our diverse padlock range
Find a padlock to meet your needs, large or small, short or long shackle - we offer a wide selection. A choice of how to unlock the padlock is available, with key or code options, alongside our practical TSA range to secure luggage and are recommended when traveling to the USA.