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The right bike lock for your needs

Safety for your bike

Unadulterated joy of biking

Cycling is "in" - more and more people are switching to bikes. Either privately or even for the way to work.
Modern e-bikes make it fun to cover even longer distances without any training. In many cases, bicycles are also promoted by companies. At the same time, the prices of bikes are rising and so is the willingness to spend more on a bike. Therefore, it is all the more important to secure his bike give loss. BURG-WÄCHTER offers a variety of locks to secure bicycles and asseccoires.

Protect your bike

Bikes are popular prey

Modern bicycles have become a popular target for theft. Around 300,000 bicycles are stolen in Germany every year. E-bikes, which often cost a mid-four-figure sum, are particularly popular. However, not only e-bikes should be well secured, but every bicycle. BURG-WÄCHTER offers the right bicycle lock for exactly this purpose. From securing the first child's bike to protecting the brand new e-bike.

Steal time and opportunity from thieves!

The factors attention and time are the decisive criteria for deterring bicycle thieves. Because thieves avoid attention. The theft must happen as quickly as possible. That's why you should either park your bike in a private, out-of-sight area. Or, if you are out and about, in a public, busy place - always well secured with a bicycle lock, of course. In the former case, your bicycle will not even be seen; in the latter case, publicity will deter the thief.

Chain lock and folding lock secure wheels robustly

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Code or key - not a question of security!

It is not only the lock model that you can choose from. You also have a choice of opening methods. For example, you can open and close your bike lock with a key or conveniently with a numerical code. BURG-WÄCHTER offers a wide selection for both options. Without compromising on security. Depending on the model, the bicycle locks are equipped with three, four or even five number rollers. Damit können Sie Ihren persönlichen Code wählen. This way, only you can open the lock.
Very practical in the dark and at night: We also stock models with integrated lighting. This allows you to set the code even in poor light.

Safety for your accessories

Not only bicycles, scooters and motorbikes need to be protected against theft; protection against theft for accessories or equipment such as the bicycle or motorbike helmet is just as important. Here, BURG-WÄCHTER offers the right security with its practical cable locks, among other things.

Heavy Bikes

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