FAQs Letterboxes and Parcel Boxes

How to care for stainless steel mailboxes

Mailboxes, newspaper boxes and stands from BurgWächter made of high quality stainless steel are extremely weather resistant and durable.Stainless steel is a refined natural product, which is durable for decades without painting. Therefore, BurgWächter has not provided these mailboxes with an additional clear varnish.

All welds were completely removed in a complex grinding process. Only stainless steel rivets are used in hard-to-reach places in the roof and flap area.

Should traces of rust nevertheless appear on the surface, this is rust film that does not come from the material itself.

These airborne particles can be easily removed by cleaning the mailbox - vigorous rubbing.

Please avoid permanent contact of stainless steel with other metals to prevent corrosion damage.

Please use only the enclosed stainless steel screws for assembly.

We wish you many years of pleasure with your BurgWächter stainless steel mailbox!

Long-term care tip:
The stainless steel surface will remain shiny for many years if cleaning is carried out several times a year with a stainless steel cleaner, e.g. Stahl fix.

Can the eBoxx EASY+ be placed outdoors?

The eBoxx is weatherproof and suitable for outdoor use. Nevertheless, you should choose a location for the installation that is protected from the weather as much as possible, so that a dry filling or removal is possible even in wind and weather.

What are the possibilities to install the eBoxx EASY+?

On the one hand, the parcel box can be mounted free-standing, on stands set in concrete. There are two different variants of stands to choose from. Stainless steel or powder-coated aluminum in white or silver.

The eBoxx can also be mounted on the wall. Please consider the condition of the wall. Insulation and plaster can affect the load bearing capacity. In these cases, please use suitable special dowels and appropriate screws.

Alternatively, the parcel box can be screwed to a base or directly to the floor. Please consider possible high water during heavy rain or storm when mounting on the ground.

How secure is the eBoxx EASY+ and which locking mechanism does it have?

The special locking mechanism secures the eBoxx at three points. The locking bars (bascules) are made of glass-reinforced plastic and are extended as soon as the locking button is pressed. The locking force corresponds to that of a sturdy steel mailbox and protects against quick access.