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Practical solution for petrol stations

How video surveillance works in practice

The monitoring of a gas station is divided into different areas, such as the store, parking lots, gas pumps, warehouse, etc., which place different requirements on the cameras used.
High resolutions are required for the detection of license plates that may be difficult to read, the monitoring of the store and the workshop should not have any gaps, and the back of the building, with the personnel entrance, should not go unobserved.

Tankstellensicherheit Sicherheitstechnik für TankstellenTankstellensicherheit Sicherheitstechnik für Tankstellen

Monitoring car wash exit

The car wash exit is often located at the rear of the petrol station, where it cannot be seen. With a reliable video security solution from BURG-WÄCHTER, incidents there can also be traced retrospectively and stored as evidence.

Petrol station interior monitoring

The actual shop area of the petrol station often has unobservable areas. In addition, the staff is busy with service tasks. Here, efficient and secure video surveillance is necessary, on the one hand as a deterrent to theft, but also to preserve evidence.

Monitoring car wash access

Monitoring the access to the car wash directly from the checkout area or the office allows, among other things, fast and reliable tracking of damage.

Safety even in the dark
Safety even in the dark

Monitoring Shop Input Night Switch

Especially in the evening hours, a video security solution makes sense - among other things also for the security needs of your employees. The professional BURG-GUARD video cameras make it possible to deliver usable images even in difficult lighting conditions.

Monitoring the petrol pumps
Monitoring the petrol pumps

Monitoring petrol pumps

The monitoring of petrol pumps is an essential task of security solutions in the petrol station sector. From danger prevention, such as the detection of smokers and telephone calls during the refuelling process or the detection of heat sources, to fire detection.

In addition, the video security solution from BURG-GUARD can provide a quick search based on car characteristics - e.g. in the case of petrol theft

Monitoring SB column Water Compressed air Vacuum cleaner

Self-service pumps for water, compressed air and hoovers are often not in the direct field of vision of the cashier or are covered by vehicles at the pumps, for example. This makes it all the more important to have the possibility of visual control through appropriate video security technology.

Reliable planning!

For optimal planning and implementation, we support you with a special planning tool. This ensures that the diverse tasks of the video security solution are solved perfectly.

BURG-GUARD products: Office

BURG-GUARD product solutions for the back office. Secure and convenient.

BURG-GUARD Products: Store
BURG-GUARD Products: Store

BURG-GUARD Products: Store

Here you will find the right products for the store area of petrol stations.

BURG-GUARD products: Exterior
BURG-GUARD products: Exterior

BURG-GUARD products: Exterior

The outdoor area of petrol stations presents various challenges. Challenges that can be perfectly solved with BURG-GUARD products.

Petrol pumps

The control in the area of the petrol pumps requires cameras with hybrid thermal images and smoker and telephone call detection. Furthermore, automatic announcements should be possible. Like our camera SWC-241RBIF-T7

BURG-GUARD products: Remote access

No matter where you are - with BURG-GUARD solutions, you can also access your video security solution remotely.