Safe Transport Service

Transport made easy

The heaviest safe from BURG-WÄCHTER weighs more than 1.5 tonnes.

Our transport service delivers even the largest & heaviest loads safely.

A large safe can weigh several hundred kilos. It's clear: you can't pack it
so easily into the car and bring it up to the second floor. But you don't have to. BURG-WÄCHTER has a special transport service in its programme for this. We offer this service for all safes weighing 30 kilograms or more. So that even heavy safes arrive safely and reliably at the place where they are to be installed. In general, we distinguish between "Service Line 2" (safes weighing up to 89 kilos) and "Special Transport" (safes weighing 90 kilos or more). In the case of special transport, anchoring on site is possible, but not in the case of Serviceline 2. Both are carried out with two employees.

For safes up to 89 kilos

After making an appointment by telephone, Service Line 2 includes delivery of the safe and transport to the house by two men for up to half an hour, including technical aids (e.g. hand truck) to the place of installation (taking the packaging material along if desired). The recipient must be accessible with a 25-tonne truck.

Overview of safe transports

Up to 89 kg

Karat MT 640 - 660
Magno 520-540
Dual-Safe DS 415 - 445
Combi-Line CL 410 - 440
City-Line C 310 - 340
Home-Safe H 210 - 240

*Serviceline 2
EAN: 4003482 89631 0

90 - 149 kg

Diplomat MTD 740 - 760
Combi-Line CL 60
Office-Line 801, 802, 811
Ranger N 5-N 7

**Special transport
EAN: 4003482 89520 7

150 – 199 kg

Diplomat MTD 780
Office-Line 804

**Special transport
EAN: 4003482 89520 7

200 - 499 kg

Office-Line 812, 814,
821, 822, 824
Royal 512
Ranger 800/8
Office-Line 802/300,
804/300, 806, 814/300,
816, 826Office-Doku 821
Royal 514 , 516, 522 , Office-Doku 824
Royal 524
Royal 526 - 556

**Special transport
EAN: 4003482 89520 7

from 500 kg on request

*Serviceline 2

Für Tresore bis 89 kg:
Beinhaltet Anlieferung inkl. Abtragen und Transport ins Haus bis zu einer halben Stunde durch 2 Mann (SL 2) inkl. technischer Hilfsmittel, d.h. mit Sackkarre. Verankerung kann gegen Aufpreis dazu gebucht werden.

Das bietet die Serviceline:

Telefonische Abklärung des AnlieferterminsTransport des Tresors bis an Ort und StelleAuf Wunsch Mitnahme des Verpackungsmaterials

Bedingung: Empfänger muss mit 25 to-LKW erreichbar sein
Serviceline 1 kann aus logistischen Gründen leider nicht mehr angeboten werden.


Für Tresore ab 90 kg:
Beinhaltet Anlieferung inkl. Transport Parterre bis zu einer halben Stunde durch 2-köpfiges Spezialteam.
Zusatzleistungen wie Verankerungen, Etagentransporte oder – in schwierigen Situationen – 4-Mann-Transporte sind buchbar. Der Einsatz von Kran und Staplern bzw. der Abtransport von Alttresoren wird nach Aufwand gesondert berechnet.


Transport questionnaire for the transport of safes weighing 90 kg or more

What has to be considered for the delivery?


The building where the new vault will be located must be accessible by a 25-ton truck


For safes weighing 90 kilograms or more, the transport questionnaire must be filled out. The more exact the data provided, the faster and smoother the transport.


Per Spezialtransport (ab 90 Kilo) gelieferte Tresore können vor Ort verankert werden. Dabei muss sichergestellt sein, dass an der Verankerungsstelle keine Leitungen in Wand oder Boden verlaufen.


A prerequisite for delivery are suitable transport routes in terms of floor and stair conditions as well as sufficient load-bearing capacity and adequate passage dimensions of doors and corridors.

We will be happy to advise you!