Kassetten & Schlüsselschränke-Schlüsselschränke bis 3000 Haken 〡 6600 Z/288 L

6600/240 L

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Anzahl Schlüsselhaken

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Vorgerichtete Profilzylinder

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Key cabinet

Here you will find the right key cabinet. Whether for your industrial company, your business or private use. BURG-WÄCHTER offers you suitable solutions, even for a large number of keys.

Our key cabinet - space for up to 3000 keys

A good key cabinet is characterised above all by three things. Enough space, security and good organisation. You will find all this with us. In the 6900 key cabinet, for example, you can store up to 3000 keys at a time. But of course you can also go a few sizes smaller. The 67 6750 key cabinet, for example, offers 48 hooks in its smallest version and 120 in the largest. This model is therefore ideal for many applications in the private sector, clubs or businesses. By securing our cabinets with a cylinder lock, your keys are protected against break-ins. The key strips are numbered (key cabinets 6500, 6600, 6700) or can be individually labelled (key cabinets 6750, 6900). This eliminates the possibility of confusion.

A key cabinet for space-saving and central storage

Since many keys are stored centrally in a key cabinet, this storage should be as space-saving as possible. We offer various solutions for this. Use our double-leaf cabinet 6500 or the telescopic pull-outs of model 6900. Fold-out interior panels, as in the cabinet 6700, are also practical and space-saving. With the two-wing cabinets 6800 and 6900, you can adjust the hook strips steplessly. Some models can also be integrated into locking systems on request. Furthermore, individual key strips HLW are available. These can be used as a replacement strip for a key cabinet or for free wall mounting. As a further extra, we offer the key fob KT 6750. For better order and overview in your key cabinet.