Schlüsselschränke-Schlüsselschränke bis 3000 Haken | 6600

6600/240 L

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Anzahl Schlüsselhaken

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Vorgerichtete Profilzylinder

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The key cabinet 6600 for up to 288 keys

The BURG-WÄCHTER key cabinet 6600 is versatile. Because it is available in versions for 240 and 288 keys . The cabinet locks opened in a T-shape. This means that all the key hooks are equally accessible for you. The size with 240 hooks is available in standard design R (door hinge right) or in the special design L (door hinge left.). The L model is available at no extra charge. The Z models are suitable for a maximum of 288 cylinder keys and have a smaller spacing of the hook strips.

Very robust construction "Made in Germany"

All models combine the extremely robust construction "Made in Germany" for a long service life. After all, a key cabinet is usually opened and closed frequently. The key cabinet 6600 has numbered, adjustable hook strips for optimal organisation of your keys. You can remove the paper strips for your individual labelling. Furthermore, there is a key register on the inside. So you always know which key is placed where. The key cabinet is coloured light grey (RAL 7035). The hook spacing is 30 mm.