Potsdam 878 BR


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Borkum 3878 Ni


  • Stainless steel
Leipzig 778 BR


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  • brown
Potsdam 878 W


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Buy a letter box

Rely on the experience and quality of BURG-WÄCHTER!

With almost 50 years of experience in mailbox construction, BURG-WÄCHTER is your reliable partner for high-quality mailboxes. Weather resistance has been our top priority since 1975. After all, a letter box must be able to withstand all the challenges of sun, rain and dust. Our models, many with a newspaper box, are characterised not only by their durability, but also by well thought-out details such as the practical opening stop. This prevents your post from falling onto the floor. In addition, practical parcel boxes - optionally with a letter box attachment - have long since been added to our extensive range of letter boxes. By the way: In the PLUS X Award 2024, consumers awarded BURG-WÄCHTER top marks for customer satisfaction in the letter box sector. Thank you for your trust!

Large model selection: Find your perfect letter box

The variety of BURG-WÄCHTER letter boxes leaves nothing to be desired. Whether classic, modern, minimalist or extravagant. We have the right model for every taste. Choose from a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes to design your letter box according to your individual ideas.

  • Classic and timeless: traditional models

Our classic letterboxes impress with their timeless elegance. Available in various colours and shapes, they are the perfect match for any house style and add a touch of tradition to your entrance area. Suitable traditional models include the Holiday, Comfort or Malmö letterboxes.

  • Modern and minimalist: minimalist designs

For lovers of modern style, we offer letterboxes with clean lines and a minimalist design. These models fit in perfectly with current architectural trends and make a statement. A selection of matching letterboxes: Seattle, Oxford or Piano.

  • Extravagant and individual: special highlights

Would you like to make your letterbox an individual highlight? Discover our extravagant models that impress with their special shapes and unusual details. Then the Cosmo, Pearl or Verona models could suit you.

Which material suits your style? Stainless steel, plastic or steel?

Of course, at BURG-WÄCHTER you can not only choose between different shapes. You also have a choice of materials!

  • Stainless steel letterboxes: timeless elegance for your front garden

A letter box made of stainless steel is not only rust-proof, but also easy to clean. This high-quality material serves as a design object and gives your front garden timeless elegance.

  • Plastic letterboxes: variety of colours and easy to maintain

More and more customers are opting for letterboxes made of high-quality plastic. Easy to clean, durable and available in a wide range of colours, they offer a modern option for every taste.

  • Steel letterboxes: fully galvanised for maximum protection

Our steel letterboxes are fully galvanised to provide reliable protection against wind and weather. This variant combines stability and durability in one.

The right place for your letter box

At BURG-WÄCHTER, we know that not every letter box can be placed in a comparable location. Therefore we offer different installation options to ensure that your letterbox fits perfectly into your surroundings.

  • Wall mounting: space-saving and practical

Ideal for narrow entrance areas or if you want your letterbox right next to the house. Our wall-mounted models impress with their simple installation and space-saving solutions. The appropriate mounting material is of course included with every letterbox.

  • Fence mounting: integrated and unobtrusive

For harmonious integration into your fence, we offer special letterboxes for fence mounting. This way, your letterbox becomes part of the surroundings and blends seamlessly into the overall picture. But you can use more than just the models with rear insertion. With the fence kit, almost every BURG-WÄCHTER model can easily be turned into a fence letter box.

  • Free-standing models: free-standing and flexible

If you are looking for a free-standing letter box, our free-standing models are the ideal choice. Whether in front of the house or in the garden - they set accents and can be positioned flexibly. It is best to use our matching Universal or Terzo stands.

  • Letterbox system: functional and durable

Of course, BURG-WÄCHTER also offers suitable letterbox systems for apartment blocks. Space-saving, functional and durable, you can place the systems on Terzo stands in the entrance area of your apartment block. The range is completed by models for flush-mounted installation as well as through-the-wall letterboxes.

BURG-WÄCHTER - your first choice for high-quality and versatile letterboxes

Our large selection of models and the various installation options make BURG-WÄCHTER the ideal partner when it comes to buying a letter box. Whether you are looking for classic elegance, modern design or extravagant highlights. We have the right post box for you. Trust in our experience and quality since 1975. Find your perfect letterbox and design your entrance area in a stylish and functional way. Buying a letter box made easy. With BURG-WÄCHTER!