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Owners of weapons have a special responsibility. For the safekeeping of your weapons, you will find suitable weapon cabinets or weapon safes at BURG-WÄCHTER.


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Storing weapons safely

How to find the perfect gun cabinet

Important information about the gun safe

BURG-WÄCHTER has been developing and producing high-quality safes for more than 50 years. Of course, gun cabinets and gun safes have long been part of the safe programme. In our "Gun safe" category, you will find a wide selection of secure and high-quality storage solutions for your weapons. These cabinets are ideal for hunters, marksmen and security personnel who need to store their weapons safely.

A gun cabinet is not only a safe place for your weapons, but also a legal requirement in Germany and many other countries. Our gun cabinets fulfil the legal security standards and are available in various sizes and designs. Regardless of whether you need a cabinet for long guns, handguns or both. Whether you are a young hunter, experienced sports shooter or bearer of a service weapon: we have the right model for you. Store your weapons responsibly in a gun cabinet from BURG-WÄCHTER.

Different models and sizes

Hunters and sport shooters usually need to securely lock up long guns. The gun cabinets of the Ranger series are ideally suited for these weapons. The models are designed to store up to five, seven or even eight long guns. Of course, you can choose from the various locking options: key, numerical code or biometrics via fingerprint. We also offer gun safes with additional storage space for ammunition or other accessories. Handguns are safely stored in the Magno safe. The optional KWH 5 handgun holder is particularly practical, keeping your weapons safe and organised. Discover our selection now and find the perfect gun cabinet for your individual requirements.

What security level must a gun cabinet have?

The legal regulations vary from country to country. In Germany, paragraph 36 of the Weapons Act regulates the storage of weapons. The law clearly states which requirements a gun cabinet must fulfil for storage. In general, certified gun cabinets from resistance grade 0/N are required for long guns. The same security class is also required for handguns. If you only want to store ammunition safely, a lockable sheet steel container is sufficient. The gun cabinets and gun safes from BURG-WÄCHTER are tested and certified by independent institutes. The quality of the products is continuously monitored by the ECB.

Gun cabinet class 0

Hunters, sport shooters or bearers of service weapons very often choose a class 0 gun safe to secure their weapons. This is because it is precisely this strong resistance grade 0/N that is prescribed by the German Weapons Act. The Ranger N models offer the protection of class 0. The Ranger N is available in two sizes for up to five or seven long guns. Of course, you can choose between different locking systems for the class 0 gun cabinet. Either you decide in favour of the classic key or opening with the electronic code lock. There is a current case law on this. (More on this below). If you want to secure handguns, the Magno safe series is the right choice. You can store up to five handguns in the Class 0 gun safe in a legally secure manner.

Gun cabinet class 1

A class 1 gun cabinet is even more stable and stronger than a model with resistance grade 0/N. As a result, you can store more weapons in a class 1 gun cabinet than in a class 0 gun cabinet. German firearms legislation permits the storage of an unlimited number of long guns and handguns, including ammunition. This is because a class 1 gun cabinet is extremely well protected against breakup.

BURG-WÄCHTER offers the Ranger 800/8 gun cabinet with resistance grade I for this purpose. The model offers space for eight long guns. Of course, you can also choose between the classic key lock and the electronic code lock for this model. The Ranger 800/8 also offers biometric fingerprint opening with the electronic lock. This is particularly convenient. Because you cannot lose a key or forget a code.

If you want to store handguns securely, you can do so in the Diplomat safe series. This also has resistance grade I. This means that an unlimited number of handguns can be stored. The Diplomat safe is available in four sizes and also with a classic key or electronic code lock with fingerprint. The Diplomat models are therefore the perfect Class 1 handgun safe.

Does a gun cabinet need to be anchored?

Yes, a gun cabinet must be professionally anchored. This is the only way to ensure maximum security for the contents and prevent the safe from being stolen. The gun cabinets and gun safes from BURG-WÄCHTER are supplied with the necessary fixtures in the wall and/or floor as standard. This allows the safe to be anchored quickly and conveniently in your home. The fixing material required and optimised for the respective gun cabinet is of course included in the scope of delivery.

Gun cabinet with electronic lock: legally compliant solution following judgement

In summer 2023, a judgement by the Higher Administrative Court of North Rhine-Westphalia in Münster caused a stir. The judges ruled that gun cabinet keys must be secured much better than before. Namely in a safe with at least the same protection class as the gun cabinet. So for a class 0 gun cabinet in a safe with a class. The same applies to gun cabinets with resistance grade I. The judgement therefore affects hundreds of thousands of gun owners, such as hunters.
The judgement has no effect on a gun cabinet that can be opened by code or fingerprint, such as the Ranger and Magno models from BURG-WÄCHTER. After all, there is no key that could fall into the wrong hands. The Magno M 520 E safe with electronic lock is ideal for securing the keys of a standard class 0 gun cabinet.

Buying a gun cabinet: The most important tips

A high-quality gun cabinet is a sensible investment for the responsible handling of weapons. If you want to buy a gun cabinet, there are a few points you should bear in mind.

Here is an overview of the most important notes when buying a gun cabinet.

  • Find out, for example directly in the legal text or from a specialist dealer, whether you need a class 0 or a class 1 gun cabinet for your weapons.
  • The resistance class also has an influence on the possible insurance cover. You should therefore speak to your insurance company in advance.
  • Keys to a gun cabinet must be stored separately. It therefore makes more sense to opt for a gun cabinet with an electronic lock. Then you don't have to worry about storing the keys.
  • Once you have purchased a gun cabinet, it must be professionally anchored in a solid component. Therefore, choose the right place for the model. Tip: If you buy your gun cabinet from a specialist dealer, they can usually ensure that it is anchored properly. You can find dealers in your area in our practical dealer search.
  • BURG-WÄCHTER will deliver your new gun cabinet directly to your home on request. Please ask your dealer about this possibility.