BURG-WÄCHTER Paketempfangsbox eBoxx EASY+ vor Haus
BURG-WÄCHTER Paketempfangsbox eBoxx EASY+ vor Haus

Comfortable, safe, universal

eBoxx EASY+ The parcel box for all occasions

Sicher & einfach mit Ihrer Paketbox

Receive parcels, even when you are not at home

With the parcel box from BURG-WÄCHTER you can receive multiple items from several parcel services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Spend less time waiting for parcels and more time enjoying life with a parcel box from BURG-WÄCHTER.

BURG-WÄCHTER eBoxx easy plus - Paketbox

Ihre Paketbox ist 24/7 für Sie da

Away from home? No longer a problem.

Imagine the scenario – you have eagerly awaited an online order but they call just at that moment you have popped out to pick up the kids from school. You return home to find a slip requesting a collection from your parcel depot. It is a frustration many of us have experienced. eBoxx EASY+ from BURG-WÄCHTER is the solution to this problem. The parcel box receives your deliveries around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Multiple items can be delivered from several parcel services including supermarkets and pharmacies. Suitable for any premises or dwellings and is available in 2 sizes and 2 colour options

Paketbox eBoxx EASY+ von BURG-WÄCHTER smart Paketempfangsbox
Paketbox eBoxx EASY+ von BURG-WÄCHTER smart Paketempfangsbox
Paketzusteller legt Paket in Paketbox eBoxx EASY+ von BURG-WÄCHTER

Easy to use

Simple and controlled delivery

Delivery to your box is really easy and only takes 3 simple steps; open door; deposit the package; press the button.To remove your parcels just enter your personal code. Reliance on neighbours is not needed.

Paketbox eBoxx EASY+ von BURG-WÄCHTER smart Paketempfangsbox

Safe and secure

Deliveries are stored securely in the parcel box

Whether it's the latest gadget or a birthday gift, all deliveries are deposited securely in your parcel box. Once delivered, it is robustly locked and can only be opened with a personal six-digit code. The maximum load capacity is 50 kilograms, depending on the model and mounting method.

Paketbox eBoxx EASY+ von BURG-WÄCHTER smart Paketempfangsbox


Convenient Control

On some days you will receive more than one delivery. All of them can be stored safely in the eBoxx EASY+. This is ensured by the "multiple delivery" function. Once a delivery has been placed in the parcel box and the box has been locked, other suppliers can open the eBoxx EASY+ again with their personal codes and deliver the next parcel. You have full control and decide who may use this function.

BURG-WÄCHTER Paketbox eBoxx EASY+ mit einem Briefkastenaufsatz BURG-WÄCHTER Paketbox eBoxx EASY+ mit einem Briefkastenaufsatz
Show product Combine a post box with your parcel box
Optional mailbox attachment
Optional mailbox attachment

Combine a post box with your parcel box

Cleverly combined: Parcel box with letterbox 

The eBoxx EASY+ (model E) can be supplemented with either one or two letterboxes, which are fitted exactly onto the parcel box. This means you no longer need a separate letterbox.

Briefkasten-Aufsatz eBoxx EASY+

Show product Easy operation
Easy operation
Easy operation

Easy operation

Simply easy - the operation

Clearly arranged control panel: After pressing the START button, the parcel box can be opened.

Show product Sustainable quality
Sustainable quality
Sustainable quality

Sustainable quality

Sustainable thanks to high quality

High-quality workmanship: Thanks to laser welding and base reinforcement, the eBoxx EASY+ is even more robust and therefore more durable.

Secure parcel drop off

Delivery made easy

Thanks to the intuitive operation of the eBoxx EASY+ the carriers need only a few seconds to make a quick and stress free delivery.

Fast & intuitive

Control panel shows 4 step easy operation.
Step 1. Press START button.
Step 2. Open parcel compartment.
Step 3. Insert delivery and close parcel compartment.
Step 4. Press END button.

Of course, not only parcel services can use the eBoxx EASY+ the local pharmacist etc can also deposit their deliveries in the parcel box. To open the eBoxx EASY+ simply use your personal user code and remove the parcels.

Single handed operation

Assign personal user codes and check status easily with the BURGsmart App.

With the free BURGsmart App, the “key” to your parcel box is always in your pocket. The authorisation codes are assigned via the free smartphone app. You can change or delete all codes at any time, giving you full control over who is allowed to open your parcel box. In addition, the app shows the battery level of the parcel box and whether a delivery has been deposited.

One for all

How does your delivery company get a personal code?

You decide who may deliver to your parcel box and whether the delivery right applies for a one-off delivery or longer term. A one-time code for example, could be a friend delivering a gift whilst you are not home. A non-expiring long term code could be for a pharmacy that delivers medicine every 30 days

The BURGsmart App for your parcel box

Assign and delete codes, check the status, and check the battery level: With the BURGsmart App you always have your parcel box under control. The app is free of charge for iOS and Android

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BURG-WÄCHTER Paketbox-Anlage eBoxx EASY+

EASY+ as a parcel system

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