BURG-GUARD professionelles Videomanagement Netzwerkrekorder
BURG-GUARD professionelles Videomanagement Netzwerkrekorder

Professional IP video surveillance and video management

Video-Management & Aufzeichnung – Rekorder

BURG-GUARD Übersicht verschiedener Rekorder für Videosicherheit
BURG-GUARD Übersicht Rekorder für Videosicherheit

Professionelle IP-Videoüberwachung

Our range includes a variety of different NVRs for every conceivable application.

SNVR-Netzwerkrekorder BURG-GUARD

SNVR Network Recorder

Up to 12 MP (4K/UHD) support
Advanced technologies for your security:
See more, recognise more, evaluate more

There are always new trends and technologies in video surveillance that are "in fashion" at the moment. From this multitude, we always conscientiously select those that sensibly complement our cameras and recorders and thus offer you real added value.

SPVR Netzwerkrekorder BURG-GUARD

SPVR Universal Recorder

For IP / CVI / AHD / TVI / analogue mixing systems

The SPVR series is ideal for recording and displaying IP, CVI, AHD, TVI and analogue signals. It can be used to combine mixed networks with old analogue systems, modern AHD/CVI/TVI systems and network cameras. Thanks to its versatility and affordable price, the system is a must-have for anyone who operates mixing systems and modernises old systems. SPVR recorders are available with 4-16x BNC channels.



NUUO is an independent manufacturer of video surveillance products designed to meet the needs of our global customers through award-winning industry firsts, solution-based system approaches and a
trustworthy staff of professionals.

NUUO NVR products are found in a variety of vertical market segments including, but not limited to, healthcare, education, government and retail. Simple but value-rich designs are developed with a focus on quality and durability, differentiating our products from those of our competitors. The award-winning feature sets of these NVRs are in high demand to provide solutions to an increasingly complicated security environment.

NUUO systems are channel licence bound.

NUUO NVRsolo Netzwerkrekorder BURG-GUARD

The smart network recorder


NUUO NVRsolo - the smart stand-alone from NUUO makes IP video surveillance a breeze. The new NUUO NVRsolo is a Linux-based stand-alone network recorder, which has an HDMI or VGA video output. On a connected monitor, the system is displayed in full HD resolution (1080p) and with 25 frames / second. So you can use the NVR locally but also use it via remote access. The NUUO NVRsolo is also ideally suited for demanding users of surveillance technologies

NUUO Crystal Netzwerkrekorder bei BURG-GUARD

The scalable

NUUO Crystal

NUUO Crystal systems are ideal for large systems that rely on scalable solutions. The Crystal is available in several performance classes and can optionally be used in fail-over operation. Recordings of up to 256 channels per server are possible with up to 10 Gigabit (optional) bandwidth. The largest model supports 24 SATA III hard disks and can be further expanded via two external SATA ports. RAID 0,1,5,6,10 is supported and the system can be expanded accordingly in a network of several servers.

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