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Smart Home Security - BURGsmart PROTECT

Innovatively networked - for your safety!


BURGprotect PLUG 2142


Smart & Safe

The innovative BURGsmart PROTECT smart home system from BURG-WÄCHTER combines protection against burglary with protection against water damage. Installation and operation are extremely simple. After all, you control and monitor all elements with the free BURGsmart App for iOS and Android. You do not need an alarm control panel. Another advantage: You can expand the smart alarm system at any time and adapt it to a new living environment.

BURGsmart App: An app for alarm system and surveillance cameras
The BURGsmart PROTECT components register attempted break-ins at doors and windows or dangers such as water intrusion. It doesn't matter if you are at home or not, with the BURGsmart App you can receive messages no matter where you are. In combination with the video outdoor light BURGcam Light or the video doorbell Door eGUARD DG8500, you can instantly view what is happening at home. All components can be conveniently operated with the secuENTRY KeyApp. This means that you have all the security around your house in one app. Smart protection for your home has never been more convenient.p>