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EURO money counting cassettes and inserts

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For homes, clubs and small businesses

Cash box – The secure storage solutiong

Cash boxes are not just simple storage containers. They are also reliable security solutions for cash and valuables. Whether at home, in clubs or at market stalls. Their versatility makes a cash box an indispensable utensil for different areas of application.

Private use - protect your cash at home

Cash boxes for private use offer a compact and secure way to store cash, jewellery and important documents. The robust lock and sturdy housing provide effective protection against unauthorised access. They not only keep things organised, but also provide a reassuring feeling of security in your own home.

Clubs - targeted financial management

Clubs often face the challenge of storing cash securely and keeping track of it. Cash boxes offer an efficient solution for organising entrance fees, donations or other income at events. With customisable compartments and a robust design, they are ideal for use in club rooms or at events.

Market stalls - mobile protection for your business

Cash boxes are indispensable for market traders and vendors. Not only do they provide secure storage for daily takings, they are also mobile. With practical carrying handles and a compact design, the cash cassette is very easy to transport. At the same time, protection at markets and events is guaranteed.

Cash box made from robust materials and with smooth-running locks

Regardless of the target group, high-quality cash cassettes are characterised by the use of robust materials. The locks used are very smooth-running and the locking mechanism ensures the security of your valuables. You also have the option of opening the Money Code cash box using a numerical code.

Possible uses in everyday life - not just for cash

The possible uses of cash boxes are not limited to cash. They are also ideal for storing important documents, jewellery, SD cards, USB sticks and other valuables. They therefore not only serve as protection for financial assets. They are also a practical organiser in everyday life.

Cash boxes in different sizes for individual needs

Cash boxes are available in different sizes to meet the individual needs of different target groups. For private use, there are compact models that can be easily stored in drawers or cupboards. Clubs and business people benefit from larger versions with several compartments to enable targeted organisation of cash, receipts and documents.

Compact cash boxes for private use

Cash boxes in compact sizes are ideal for use at home. With their dimensions, they fit easily into drawers or can be placed discreetly in cupboards. These models still offer sufficient space for cash, jewellery and important documents. The recessed handle ensures perfect, space-saving integration in drawers. The models in the Money and Office series are particularly suitable for this purpose. As well as the flat cash box from the Universa series. The Money 5012 model is specially designed for children. It has a practical insertion slot. This turns the cash box into a money box.

Large models for clubs and business people

Clubs and business people who regularly handle large amounts of cash will find the ideal solution in the larger cash boxes. With several compartments and dividers, they enable structured storage and organisation of funds, receipts and other important documents. For example, the larger models in the Universa CKS series. Furthermore, special money counting cassettes, such as ZK Money or ZK Office, optimise organisation in combination with money counting inserts or money counting boards.

FP 22 K fire protection cassette: security even in the event of a fire

The FP 22 K fire protection cassette is a special type of cash cassette. It protects documents for up to 30 minutes in the event of a fire. This makes the fire protection cassette the ideal storage place for important documents. The FireProtect cassette offers space for documents up to DIN A4 format. And of course for valuables and personal memories.

Variety of colours for personal taste and brand image

The variety of cash cassettes is not limited to their size, but also extends to a wide range of colours. Whether classic black, discreet white or eye-catching red. The choice of colours makes it possible to adapt the cash box to personal taste or even to support the brand image. With a cash box from BURG-WÄCHTER, the choice is yours!