Smartes elektronisches Türschloss secuENTRY easy

The modern Smartlock secuENTRY easy

Electronic door lock secuENTRY easy - perfect for private households and small businesses.


ENTRYeasy 7600 CYL



ENTRY easy 7601 PIN


ENTRY easy 7602 FP


The new way of opening doors.

No drilling, simple retrofitting: With the secuENTRY easy series from BURG-WÄCHTER, you can experience a whole new way of opening doors within just a few minutes. Thanks to the electronic door cylinder, you no longer have to rely on your key. Instead, you open the house or apartment door by code, smartphone app or active transponder (set 5601 pin code). With Set 5602 Fingerprint, you can even use your own fingerprint. So you can no longer lock yourself out. As an extra, the secuENTRY door cylinders also have a built-in mechanical emergency lock. The cylinder is suitable for all door thicknesses up to 118 millimeters.

Award-winning product
BURG-WÄCHTER received the PLUS X AWARD as "BEST PRODUCT 2020" for the secuENTRY easy series. In addition, the seal of approval was awarded in the categories of design, high quality, ease of use and functionality.

secuENTRY easy - Perfect for private households and small companies
The secuENTRY easy door cylinders store up to 50 codes, 49 active transponders and 24 finger scans (5602 fingerprint). This makes the system just as suitable for private households as it is for small companies. You can conveniently manage users via the secuENTRY software. You can assign or revoke access rights and view the last 600 lockings using the history function.

Usingyour own finger as a key
Access via finger scan has proven to be a successful method. The finger is "trained" beforehand. This means that it is swiped several times over the finger scan module (with live finger recognition) until the finger is completely registered. After that, your own finger is the key to entry with secuENTRY easy! But regardless of whether you open the door by fingerscan, code, smartphone or active transponder: All opening signals are secure thanks to AES encryption. You don't have to worry about tampering. The range of the secuENTRY easy signal is up to four meters.