BURG-WÄCHTER Zubehör zu Geldkassetten und Schlüsselschränken

Accessories Cassettes and key boxes


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Safe storage for keys and cash

With a cash box or key box from BURG-WÄCHTER, secure storage for keys and cash is guaranteed.

We have the right solution for every purpose, whether a cash box or a spacious key cabinet and for interior design fans, we also offer stylish key boards.

Cash box and key box offer safe storage

Store cash and keys safely in one of the many lockable key boxes or key cabinets, never lose keys again.
Thanks to the robust design the contents are well stored and protected against theft. We offer the right model with plenty of space for storage of large amounts cash or many keys.

High quality, practical design

Cash and keys are not only stored safely, but also in a manageable way. For cash boxes, we offer matching inserts as practical accessories. Our use of high quality materials and quality manufacturing ensure long-term durability.
We offer a selection of attractive shapes and colours with an option suitable for everyone, and our products are durable as we only use high-quality materials.