BURG-WÄCHTER Tresore für Gewerbe, Institutionen und Behörden

Business safes from BURG-WÄCHTER

The ideal safe for commercial use

A BURG-WÄCHTER safe stands for

Sicherheit spielt bei einem Tresor von BURG-WÄCHTER die wichtigste Rolle


Strong protection against breakup, theft and fire! In addition, safes for commercial use offer the security plus: besides the adjustability of an individual opening delay, some models can be connected to an alarm system.

Ein Tresor von BURG-WÄCHTER lässt sich komfortabel und einfach bedienen.


Convenience plays an important role, also or especially in business operations.
Whether with code or fingerprint: Opening and closing your safe has never been easier! Only the safes with fingerprint from BURG-WÄCHTER have a certified convenience opening system where the fingerprint is sufficient to open the safe. Naturally with the same level of security.

Das Design spiel bei einem BURG-WÄCHTER Tresor auch eine Rolle - aber erst kommt die Funktion, dann das Design


BURG-WÄCHTER safes are characterised by a high degree of functional design.
In addition, BURG-WÄCHTER safes are characterised by timeless elegance and individual design options thanks to the possibility of special lacquering.

BURG-WÄCHTER GeschäftstresorBURG-WÄCHTER Geschäftstresor im Büro

What makes a good business safe?

The business safe or safes for companies and self-employed persons must meet special requirements. On the one hand, the security level and thus the insurance protection play an important role. On the other hand, important documents are often stored safely in them. Here, the number of files to be stored is an important factor. In the largest BURG-WÄCHTER Office-Line, you can secure 28 file folders at once.

BURG-WÄCHTER Tresore - wichtige Kriterien für Geschäftstresore - 01

Business figures, customer and employee data: every company has to store many important or even secret documents. The ideal storage place is a business safe for all documents.

BURG-WÄCHTER Tresore - wichtige Kriterien für Geschäftstresore - 02

A company safe offers enough space. You can safely store up to 28 files in the largest Office-Line safe. This means that only authorised persons have access to sensitive company data.

BURG-WÄCHTER Tresore - wichtige Kriterien für Geschäftstresore - 03

A fire is bad enough. With a fire safe, at least your documents are protected from fire and heat. The Office-Doku models offer fire protection for at least 60 minutes.

BURG-WÄCHTER Tresore - wichtige Kriterien für Geschäftstresore - 04

Cameras, tablets and notebooks are found in almost every company. These often expensive devices are also highly sought-after stolen goods. In an Office-Line safe (up to resistance grade II) they are
these are optimally secured.

BURG-WÄCHTER ECB-S zertifizierte Tresore

Look out for certified safes

The safe types are available in different security standards. These are subdivided into resistance grade or security level. Very important: Only buy certified safes! Many BURG-WÄCHTER safes meet the requirements of the European standards EN 1143-1 and/or EN 1047-1, which is confirmed in the ECB-S certificates of the European Certification Board - Security Systems (certification body according to EN 45011) for the safe model. The ECB-S certification includes unannounced tests of the production several times a year. This ensures high quality at all times.

Insurance cover / Security level data sheet

(Note: The mean values of the sums insured mentioned in € 1,000 apply - if no other information is presented - both for the private as well as for the commercial and industrial sector.); n.a.: Not applicable; EMA: Intrusion detection system EX: Protection against attacks with explosives *Sums insured according to ECB·S these may differ from the sums according to AiS


A solid safe provides a high level of protection against break-ins. In addition, various safe models from BURG-WÄCHTER offer further security features - some as optional extras.

BURG-WÄCHTER Tresore Öffnungsverzögerung

Opening delay

The safe electronics can be set so that the safe cannot be opened immediately (max. 99 minutes). This complies with the specifications of the employers' liability insurance association, which requires an opening delay for company safes.

BURG-WÄCHTER Tresore mit optionalem Anschluss an Alarmanlagen - stiller Alarm

Silent alarm (optional)

Our top models Office-Line, Office-Doku and Royal can be equipped with optional electronics for connection to an existing alarm system from resistance grade I upwards. The complete system can be fitted directly ex works when ordered, but can also be retrofitted. The alarm system installer connects the alarm box and thus the safe to the existing alarm system by cable.

Safe is safe

BURG-WÄCHTER safe locks

Whether opening the safe with a classic key, your secret numerical code or by fingerprint. With BURG-WÄCHTER you have the choice! And this applies to all safe models. BURG-WÄCHTER exclusively offers the certified convenience opening with only one fingerprint or optionally by numerical code! Because what is more convenient than opening a safe with your finger? For all those who prefer a key, BURG-WÄCHTER also offers a special solution: the convertible lock. If a key gets lost, you don't have to change the lock. You can simply change the lock on the SecuSafe high-security lock to a new set of keys. The Diplomat, Karat, City-Line, Office and Royal safe series have this lock.

Elektronisches Premium-Panel SecuTronic TRSE 12H-FP mit Fingerprint - für hochwertige Tresore von BURG-WÄCHTERElektronisches Premium-Panel SecuTronic TRSE 12H-FP - für hochwertige Tresore von BURG-WÄCHTER
Show product Fingerprint


Open the safe with your own fingerprint - so easy and convenient.

The premium electronics store up to 20 fingers and also up to 10 codes with individual opening rights.

Show product Touch control panel SecuTronic TRSE12H-FP

Touch control panel SecuTronic TRSE12H-FP

Simply swipe the control panel to activate the safe electronics.

Plus: two-colour lighting for even more convenience.

Show product Display SecuTronic TRSE12H-FP
Display SecuTronic TRSE12H-FP
Display SecuTronic TRSE12H-FP

Display SecuTronic TRSE12H-FP

The inclined position of the graphic display and control panel ensures optimum functionality and visibility when looking at it from above. This makes all functions easier to use.

Show product The opening lever of the SecuTronic TRSE 12H FP
The opening lever
The opening lever

The opening lever of the SecuTronic TRSE 12H FP

Integrated flush into the control panel, elegant design, pleasant feel: the safes can be opened and closed very conveniently with the high-quality lever.

Show product Handle


The hidden recessed grip blends unobtrusively into the safe electronics. The stable construction is designed for frequent use

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Protecting valuables can be so beautiful: High-quality safes in your favourite colour and with elegant interior fittings. Security doesn't always have to be mousy. Whether at work or at home: with our individually painted models in your favourite colour, your safe will be a real eye-catcher and will blend in perfectly with your personal ambience. Choose between the top models Diplomat, Office and Royal from BURG-WÄCHTER and add your own individual touch with colour, size and interior fittings.