BURG-GUARD professionelle Videoüberwachungslösungen
BURG-GUARD professionelle Videoüberwachungslösungen

Network cameras from BURG-GUARD - always one step ahead

BURG-GUARD Intelligente Lösungen für Videoüberwachung

Intelligent solutions and diverse applications

Thanks to integrated video analysis combined with artificial intelligence (AI), the latest models have an increased level of security and a minimal false alarm rate. Systems with BURGaiva (AI) can be used for a wide range of applications, with the highest level of cost-effectiveness.

BURG-GUARD Videokameras der Favor-Serie

Favor Series

The basis for professional installations

All-rounder for basic video security technology with optimised performance spectrum and good image quality day and night.

BURG-GUARD Videokamera der Royal-Serie

Royal series

For projects with industry and authorities

For increased demands in resolution, image quality, near- and far-field monitoring, AI video analysis and alarm-event linking.

BURG-GUARD Videokamera der Diamant-Serie

Diamond series

High-end solutions for projects

Intelligent AI functions for number plate recognition, facial recognition and business intelligence are among the features of the high-end systems, which can also be used for targeted alerting by means of special video analyses and provide excellent images during the day and at night.

Decisions with perspective

A security camera not only provides reliable video data. Modern systems also support you in analyzing business processes and optimizing them through evaluation. This can be done, for example, by determining the length of stay, number of people, number of people waiting at the cash registers, heat map, etc. Another advantage is the immediate evaluation of the data in the cameras. The results can contribute live to the improvement of business processes, e.g. by automatic announcements if customers have to wait too long at the checkout and more staff is needed there.

The right cameras for your field of application

We offer you a wide range in terms of IP cameras with high quality. With us you can buy an IP camera that you will be convinced of its usefulness. Whether for your home, store business, car dealership, industrial complex, restaurant, hotel or in public places - we have the right network camera for every requirement in the range and will be happy to support you with questions and planning on site.

Product Highlights

BURG-GUARD ist Mitglied der ONVIF Community und die Geräte aus unserem Haus ONVIF kompatibel.

ONVIF compliant

The Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) was founded with the aim of creating a standard for interfaces in IP video products. This makes it possible for devices from a wide range of manufacturers to be used together in one system. BURG-GUARD is a member of the ONVIF community and the devices from our company are ONVIF compatible.

BURG-GUARD IP-Kameras Wärmebildkameras Heatmap Analyse

Integrated video analysis functions

With video analytics, you can reduce false alarms and get only the messages you need. Furthermore, the advanced features can help simplify business processes and tasks.
The new IP cameras come with advanced AI video analytics features. This includes the normal analysis functions, tripwire, zone monitoring, object added/removed, fast motion detection, parking zone monitoring, crowd detection, loitering detection and face detection, as well as the advanced functions, face recognition, people counting, queue management, heat map and pixelation.

Cameras with AI algorithms, neural networks, can classify objects. For example, it can distinguish between people and vehicles and start an individual alarm scenario.

BURG-GUARD LowLight Bildqualität IP-Videokameras


Optimal images even in low light conditions

High-tech cameras have image sensors and lenses that are particularly sensitive to light. LowLight cameras fall into this group and are additionally specified to deliver a colorful, smooth and minimally noisy image even under minimal lighting conditions. Where other cameras already switch to black and white and IR light as well as maximum aperture, LowLight cameras are still able to deliver optimal image results.

BURG_GUARD Defog-Kamerafunktion - Defog-Algorithmen minimieren den Einfluss von Dunst und Nebel im Bild.

Ture WDR

Dynamic contrasts - see what otherwise remains hidden

True WDR allows the image sensor to capture the image multiple times with different exposure times. Bright parts of the image are exposed for a shorter time and dark areas for a longer time, after which they are merged into one image. Thus, in a backlight situation (e.g. against a window or against the sun), the True WDR function causes the image to be recognizable again in a clear, true-color and high-contrast manner.

BURG-GUARD Dual-Wärmebildkamera

Dual thermal image

Early alerting with verification

Using hybrid thermal imaging camera, events can be safely detected at an early stage and verified directly via real image. These systems provide a very high accurate early alarm with minimal false alarms and are ideal for securing outdoor facilities, areas and parking lots.

BURG-GUARD Verdreh-Erkennung - Die Verdreh-Erkennung informiert den Betreiber wenn eine Kamera aus der Ursprungslage verstellt wurde.

Twist detection

Manipulation detected

If a camera is twisted out of its original position, this can have serious consequences if it is not noticed. Events can not be detected and possibly security or data protection relevant areas can be observed. The
rotation detection informs the operator if the camera is moved from its original position.

BURG-GUARD - die neue IP Broschüre - alles rund um die IP-Videokameras von BURG-GUARDBURG-GUARD - die neue IP Broschüre - alles rund um die IP-Videokameras von BURG-GUARD


The new IP brochure

Everything at a glance! In our new IP brochure you will find a lot of important information and our current product range in the field of IP cameras.