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Padlocks from BURG-WÄCHTER - from practical to endearing

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No matter what purpose you need a padlock for, you will find it here. Whether you need a large or small lock, with a short or long shackle - we offer a large selection. Furthermore, you can open and securely lock your padlock with either a key or a numerical code. We also have practical TSA locks in our range. These secure luggage and are particularly recommended when travelling to the USA. Locks for a romantic or friendly engraving can of course also be purchased from us.

BURG-WÄCHTER Vorhängeschlösser große Auswahl unterschiedlicher ModelleBURG-WÄCHTER Vorhängeschlösser große Auswahl unterschiedlicher Modelle
Show product Padlocks - the size
What size do you need?
What size do you need?

Padlocks - the size

How big does your padlock need to be?

The size of the padlock is an important decision and closely relates to the level of security provided – bigger is nearly always more secure when it comes to padlocks. The choice of shackle size is also important to consider, with long shackles offering extra reach for those hard to reach areas.

Show product Padlocks - combination or key lock?
Number or key?
Number or key?

Padlocks - combination or key lock?

Whether you choose a combination padlock or one with a classic key the quality or intended use will not be affected.

Although the choice of padlocks with a classic key is much larger, there are a vast selection of combination padlocks available to choose from and areas of application in which the combination padlock are more suitable is endless.

The BURG-WÄCHTER TSA 78 combination security lock is a high-quality luggage lock and is particularly practical for air travel, especially to the USA. The adjustable combination lock is equipped with three combination wheels.

Especially for air travelling:
Using this Travel Sentry® Approved lock allows your luggage to be opened, inspected and relocked by security authorities without damage.

TSA locks

Show product Padlocks for special applications
Special purposes
Special purposes

Padlocks for special applications

Special applications require specific padlocks. Wind, sun 

and temperature fluctuations affect all padlocks but salt-water requires a different solution. Our saltwater and rustproof padlocks can be fully submerged for prolonged periods of time and will not rust or corrode. These padlocks are not only reserved for for ships, boats and other maritime applications but also wherever padlocks are permanently exposed to the wet, damp or corrosive conditions.
In many cases these padlocks are additionally protected from the weather by a plastic or rubber cover, which means that the lock offers increased grip and can be gripped better with gloves. It also prevents scratches to the surface they are attached.

Show product Padlocks - Qualities
Quality you need
Quality you need

Padlocks - Qualities

BURG-WÄCHTER padlocks are manufactured with over 100 years of experience and offer a wide range that meets all requirements. Each individual application will require a padlock that offers the properties best suited to the job - you can find symbols for the suggested application on the packaging.

Show product Padlocks - material question

Padlocks - material question

Padlocks are available in a wide variety of designs. Brass, aluminium or hardened steel are mainly used for the body. Regardless of the material chosen, they all offer robust security, with some suited towards specific applications more so than others. 


This classic material is characterised by many positive features. The material is easy to work with, rustproof, durable and yet very hard.


The solid aluminium body of the BURG-WÄCHTER Alutitan padlocks is characterised by its low weight and high resistance to attack - for all applications where the weight is important. 

Hardened steel

The steel padlocks from BURG-WÄCHTER are particularly tough and are distinguished by their robust construction.

The right lock for every application

Vorhängschloss von BURG-WÄCHTER an Scheunentor

The classic padlock

For door & gate

Standard padlocks are suitable for multi-purpose use, with BURG-WÄCHTER offering a diverse range of options. There is a wide choice of sizes, shackle types and materials to choose from.

BURG-WÄCHTER Vorhängeschloss offen mit SchlüsselBURG-WÄCHTER Vorhängeschloss offen mit Schlüssel
Show product Padlock - special housing shapes
The shape of the housing
The shape of the housing

Padlock - special housing shapes

Some padlock models, such as the round shackle locks and the Alutitan padlocks, have a protected shackle.


Show product Padlock - the body
The corpus
The corpus

Padlock - the body

Hardened steel, solid brass or pleasantly light aluminium. Depending on the padlock model, the body is made of a different material. While hardened steel naturally offers the highest protection against break-in attempts, locks made of aluminium, such as the Alutitan series, score with their low weight while still offering a high level of break-in protection.https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0609/6470/0413/products/Produktbild_4003482497524_160x160.jpg?v=1643733065https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0609/6470/0413/products/Produktbild_4003482492925_160x160.jpg?v=1643733052


Most models consist of a solid brass body. The material combines many positive properties. It is easy to work with, rustproof, durable and yet very hard. Depending on the model, the width of the body varies between 25 and 80 millimetres. So everyone is guaranteed to find the right model for their individual application.


Show product Padlocks - the shackle
The bracket
The bracket

Padlocks - the shackle

The shackle of a padlock must combine various properties. On the one hand, the shackle must be easy to turn so that the padlock can be used optimally. On the other hand, the shackle should be extremely robust to prevent attempts to break it open. Many BURG-WÄCHTER models have an ultra-hard shackle to optimally resist attempts to break open with saws and pinching tools. You can recognise corresponding models by these symbols


The shackle of a padlock must combine various properties. On the one hand, the shackle must be easy to turn so that the padlock can be used optimally. On the other hand, the shackle should be extremely robust to prevent attempts to break it open. Many BURG-WÄCHTER models have an ultra-hard shackle to optimally resist attempts to break open with saws and pinching tools. You can recognise corresponding models by these symbols

While shackles of inexpensive padlocks are only single-locked, high-quality models have a double-sided locking mechanism. Recognizable by this symbol


This increases the burglary protection. Premium locks like the Gamma model have a ball-secured lock on both sides. These offer even stronger protection. You can recognise padlocks with a particularly high "break-open resistance" at BURG-WÄCHTER by this symbol

To ensure optimum protection for every application, padlocks are not only available with a standard shackle, but also with a high shackle. This gives you more room to place the lock in hard-to-reach places or on larger objects.

Show product Padlock - the cylinder
The cylinder
The cylinder

Padlock - the cylinder

The lock cylinder is the heart of a padlock. It determines the arrangement of the pins in the lock and thus the shape of the prongs in the key. The high-quality and precise manufacturing at BURG-WÄCHTER guarantees a smooth-running lock - for many years. Many models have a rustproof interior and are also protected against drilling by the design - recognisable by the following


This further increases safety.

Show product Padlock - the locks
The closures
The closures

Padlock - the locks

To prevent you from accidentally opening your neighbour's lock with your key, a padlock has many different locks. With the Alpha premium lock, there are 300,000 different locks. Of course, you can also purchase several models with the same key. Then you can open several locks with just one key. Models that are also available as keyed alike can be recognised by the following symbol


A second and even third locking level is also possible with so-called master key and general master key systems. An example: Several lockers are to be equipped with locks that are guaranteed to lock differently. This way, the neighbour's locker cannot be opened with one's own key. But the owner can open all lockers with only one key in an emergency.



If you want to integrate a padlock into already existing locking systems, choose the 116 Profi PC model. A standard-size profile half cylinder is inserted into the lock, which can be replaced at any time.

What makes a great padlock?

A secure padlock is characterised by various features. Depending on the required security level, the padlocks from BURG-WÄCHTER differ in terms of material thickness and resistance, etc. Find out more!


Seewasserfest Rostfrei Nachhaltig

Ideal for outdoor use!

With the new Ocean locks you are on the safe side for all outdoor use, because the solid brass lock is not only absolutely rustproof, but also protected against external influences by a plastic coating. 70% of the plastic is recycled, so we save resources and have also considered the future cleanliness of the oceans.

BURG-WÄCHTER besonders starkes Vorhängeschloss und SeilBURG-WÄCHTER besonders starkes Vorhängeschloss und Seil

Particularly resistant padlocks

High Performance

For the most demanding jobs there is a range of heavy duty, high security padlocks available.

BURG-WÄCHTER Vorhängeschlösser als LiebesschlossBURG-WÄCHTER Vorhängeschlösser als Liebesschloss

Motif padlocks | Love Locks

Say it with security

Found in many cities, the love lock is used to commemorate the bond of lovers, families and friends.
The padlocks are very practical and can often be inscribed or engraved on the ample space and can therefore be used where markings or messages are desired.