BURG-WÄCHTER Fenstersicherung
BURG-WÄCHTER Fenstersicherung

Always firmly locked - for your safety

Mechanical door and window locks

BURG-WÄCHTER FenstersicherungBURG-WÄCHTER Fenstersicherung

Extra protection against burglary and vandalism

Windows and patio doors can be a vulnerable access points, however  providing additional security hardware will make it more difficult for a burglar to enter.

Test Winner

"Stiftung Warentest" a German consumer organisation  has examined how well the retrofitted security hardware prevented burglaries. The WinSafe 33 window and door security device was chosen as the test winner in the category "Security for windows".  In addition, the WinSafe WS 22 double-bolt security device for securing one or two windows was also rated very good (1.1).

Testsieger Fenstersicherungen von BURG-WÄCHTERTestsieger Fenstersicherungen von BURG-WÄCHTER
Show product Window security - Security for double-leaf windows
Fuse for double-leaf windows
Fuse for double-leaf windows

Window security - Security for double-leaf windows

At a glance: The new WinSafe WS 22 from BURG-WÄCHTER
- Top grade "very good" (1.1) at "Stiftung Warentest" (10/2020)
- With double bolt
- On robust zinc die-cast
- With cylinder lock, keyed alike on request at no extra charge
- Attractive appearance and pleasant feel
- VdS-approved and ECB-S-certified for timber and aluminium windows
- With two sturdy swing bolts
- Possible mounting positions: Bottom, top and handle side
- Easy self-assembly
- High locking comfort
- WS 11/22/33 keyed alike on request 
- Convenient swing mechanism
- Available in the colours white and grey-brown

Show product Window security - security for the handle side WS 33
What size do you need?
What size do you need?

Window security - security for the handle side WS 33

WinSafe WS 33

Window security device for the handle side

- VdS-approved security device for inward windows and French windows

- VdS-approved for windows made of wood,aluminium or plastic with metal insert

- Simple operation and installation

- As soon as the cylinder is in an open position, the lock can also be the lock can be opened without opened without a key

- No assembly of the parts necessary

- Sturdy zinc die-cast housing

- Visually recognisable whether the fuse is locked

- Convenient sliding mechanism

- Fold thickness: 9-25 mm

Show product Window security - simple retrofitting
Simple retrofitting
Simple retrofitting

Window security - simple retrofitting

Simple retrofitting

You can easily install the window security device yourself. With the help of a few small holes and a few simple steps, the WinSafe WS 33 is quickly and stably mounted. The individual parts do not have to be laboriously assembled. Instead, you can start with the actual installation immediately.

Please note that the WinSafe WS 33 window lock is only intended for installation on the handle side of your inward-opening window or French door.

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Show product Window security - high locking comfort
High closing comfort
High closing comfort

Window security - high locking comfort

High locking comfort with the WinSafe series

The cylinder lock is safe and convenient to use. A practical special feature here is the option to purchase several window locks with a keyed alike lock - so you can operate all your locks with just one key. This minimises the risk of losing a key and thus also a general security risk.

BURG-WÄCHTER FenstersicherungBURG-WÄCHTER Fenstersicherung Fenstergitter


Security grilles

Windows are the main points of attack for burglars. With WinProtec window grilles you can additionally secure your home. Easy to retrofit and suitable for all window sizes.

WinProtec window grilles: Pre-made or made to measure

WinProtect - Security grilles are suitable for all window sizes. Available ready-made, completely assembled and includes accessories. Suitable for common sized windows and are available in four sizes. Custom made, assembled grilles can be built to order ready for installation. Approved by VdS and offer optimum resistance to break-ins.

Top tips for Burglary prevention

Secure windows

Open windows or doors are vulnerable and can be exploited. Adding extra window & door security hardware, in combination with lockable window handles, will increase burglary protection.

Secure doors

Your front door advertises the levels of security surrounding your home. To deter opportunistic thieves ensure all home and garage doors are locked at all times.

Install a safe

Secure your home valuables and identity against theft with a good quality digital or key operated safe. Should all other security methods fail, a safe offers the last line of defence at keeping your treasured items safe and secure.

Sound the alarm

Smart home systems are becoming increasingly popular. Motion, contact or vibration detectors sound a loud alarm if windows or doors are tampered with.

Install cameras

A house with video surveillance cameras has the two benefits, not only will the sight of cameras deter burglars, they will also record any unwanted activity as evidence.

Be alert!

Maintain contact with your neighbours for more
security. Also avoid holiday status messages on social media platforms. A "I'm off then" is an invitation for burglars.