BURG-WÄCHTER secuENTRY easy - das smarte elektronische Türschloss

Door opening has never been so smart!

Smart Lock secuENTRY easy - your finger becomes the key

BURG-WÄCHER secuENTRY easy smartes elektronisches Türschloss, Mann verlässt Haus und schiebt FahrradBURG-WÄCHTER smartes elektronisches Türschloss secuENTRY easy - Mann verlässt Haus mit Fahrrad

Enjoy your new key freedom

BURG-WÄCHTER secuENTRY easy Set mit elektronischen Türzylinder und Fingerprint-Tastatur


With the new secuENTRY easy series, BURG-WÄCHTER combines state-of-the-art technology with maximum convenience. Opening the door has never been smarter and more flexible!

After all, what could be more convenient than opening the door to your house or flat by fingerprint? You always have your finger with you! But that's not all: you can even open the door remotely using the secuENTRY Bridge. Very easy, very smart. Of course, you can also open the secuENTRY easy Smartlocks with a pin code, smartphone app and radio key. In addition, the series exclusively offers a mechanical emergency lock.

BURG-WÄCHTER secuENTRY eays System - Vorteile BURG_WÄCHTER secuENTRY easy System mit App, Funkschluessel und Fingerprint-Tastatur
Show product BURGsmart App
BURGsmart App
BURGsmart App

BURGsmart App

Everything from a single source - with the free BURGsmart app!

Modern, intuitive, free of charge: With the BURGsmart app for iOS and Android, you can conveniently open the front door. After all, we always have our smartphone with us anyway. With the app, you also change the user code of the keypad and manage the radio keys.

You can find the BURGsmart app in both the Google Playstore and the Apple App Store.


Show product secuENTRY pincode or combined fingerprint-pincode keypad
PIN or fingerprint keyboard
PIN or fingerprint keyboard

secuENTRY pincode or combined fingerprint-pincode keypad

A person's fingerprint is unique. That is why it is ideal for authentication. The secuENTRY easy door cylinder can store up to 45 fingerprints. The fingerprint keypad alternatively offers code opening, while the pin code keypad only offers code opening. Both send an encrypted Bluetooth signal to the door cylinder in accordance with the latest 5.2 LE standard. The illuminated keypad has a range of four meters and is either attached to the wall using adhesive strips or screwed into place.

More about the keypads can be found at

ENTRY 7712 Keypad FP

ENTRY 7711 Keypad PIN

Show product secuENTRY easy cylinder ENTRY easy 7600 CYL
secuENTRY easy cylinder
secuENTRY easy cylinder

secuENTRY easy cylinder ENTRY easy 7600 CYL

The secuENTRY easy cylinder combines technology and convenience. Four opening modes plus mechanical emergency lock. What's more, thanks to its unique adaptability, the cylinder fits all doors up to 118 mm thick - completely without drilling.


Pikto_BW_Pikto_secuENTRY_Bluetooth5-2_85x85mm_2023-02-06_22-20.png Pikto_BW_Pikto_secuENTRY_Notschloss_85x85mm_2023-01-27_22-20.png

Usable ident media:

Pikto_BW_Pikto_secuENTRY_KeyApp_85x85mm_2023-01-31_22-20.png Pikto_BW_Pikto_secuENTRY_Tastatur_85x85mm_2023-01-31_22-20.png Pikto_BW_Pikto_secuENTRY_Funkschluessel_85x85mm_2023-01-31_22-20.png
Show product secuENTRY radio key ENTRY sE-Key 7713
secuENTRY Key
secuENTRY Key

secuENTRY radio key ENTRY sE-Key 7713

Door opening at the touch of a button. This is ensured by the secuENTRY radio key. The range is around four meters. Simple registration via the BURGsmart app.

Pikto_BW_Pikto_secuENTRY_Funkschluessel_85x85mm_2023-01-31_22-20.png Pikto_BW_Pikto_secuENTRY_Bluetooth5-2_85x85mm_2023-02-06_22-20.png
Show product secuENTRY control unit ENTRY 5670 Bridge
Guest remote opening
Guest remote opening

secuENTRY control unit ENTRY 5670 Bridge

Your guests are already at the door and you are still on the road?

No problem: With the secuENTRY Bridge, you can open your front door from anywhere in the world. Simply by using the free BURGsmart app for your smartphone. So you can let visitors, children or tradesmen into the house.

BURG-WÄCHTER secuENTRY Bridge 5760

With the Bridge, you can also issue locking authorizations for the vacation home to the minute from home or on the move. The guest only has to enter the code at
on the keypad.

Technology meets comfort.

Whether house or flat, office or practice. The new secuENTRY easy offers the right solution for all applications. Because nothing is more convenient than opening the door by fingerprint or code.

After all, you can't lose a key, which can quickly become very expensive with locking systems. And you are flexible when it comes to the opening method. Fingerprint, code, smartphone or radio key can be used to open the door. Just as you wish.

BURG-WAECHTER BURGsmart App Steuerung smarter Geräte von BURG-WÄCHTER

Everything in one hand - with the free BURGsmart app

With our free BURGsmart app, it's all in your hands: set up your smart door lock, create new users and their access authorisations - it's all very smart.

You can also use the BURGsmart app to set up and manage the practical eBoxx EASY+ parcel box.

The BURGsmart app is available free of charge from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

BURG-WÄCHTER secuENTRY Bridge - smarte Türschlösser aus der Ferne bedienenBURG-WÄCHTER secuENTRY Bridge - smarte Türschlösser aus der Ferne bedienen

secuENTRY Bridge: Ideal for holiday home and remote opening

Hand over the key remotely!

Opening the door smartly is simply convenient. But the new generation of secuENTRY easy can do much more! Because you can also access your door lock remotely. The secuENTRY Bridge makes it possible! Because with it, your Smartlock goes online. And you can conveniently let the children, early guests or tradesmen into the house - no matter where you are.

But that's not all. The secuENTRY Bridge also takes over the "handing over of keys". Ideal, therefore, for the holiday home or a flat in the city for short-term tenants. With the BURGsmart app and the bridge, you can easily assign locking authorisations for your holiday home to the minute. You can conveniently create the opening code at home. This means that your holiday guest only has to enter the code, which you conveniently send to them by e-mail or messenger, on the secuENTRY pin code keypad.

Also ideal for companies and practices

Smartes Türschlosss elektronische Türschloss in Arzt Praxen und Kliniken


BURG-WÄCHTER has many years of experience in the development and production of electronic door locks. The result: the secuENTRY easy series is the modern and secure Smartlock for sophisticated requirements. Finally, the security factor is not neglected. Thanks to AES encryption, data is absolutely secure. No matter whether you open by fingerprint, code, smartphone or radio key. Communication between the cylinder and the opening medium takes place via the latest and energy-saving Bluetooth standard 5.2 LE. Of course, you always have an overview of who opened the door at what time. You can see the history of openings in the BURGsmart app. In total, the secuENTRY easy smart cylinders can store 15 different fingerprints and 2,000 accesses by code, with the optional PC software.

BURG-WAECHTER BURGsmart App Steuerung smarter Geräte von BURG-WÄCHTER

Ideal for smaller companies and offices

Modern access management with free app

Smart access control for offices, surgeries and small businesses: The free BURGsmart app makes it easy!

With the modern app for iOS and Android, you can set up access very easily and manage it with just a few clicks. And for 30 users and 15 cylinders!

This is how convenient modern access control via Smartlock can be. With the BURGsmart app and BURG-WÄCHTER secuENTRY!

BURG-WÄCHTER Schutz vor unberechtigtem Zutritt sensibler Berreich mit secuENTRY

For authorised personnel only

Simply protect sensitive areas!

Whether laboratory, server room or the management's room. In practices and companies there are some areas that may only be entered by authorised
Precisely these rooms can be conveniently protected with the secuENTRY easy door lock. The authorised persons use their personalised
secret code or fingerprint. Of course, the door can also be opened by smartphone or radio key.

SecuENTRY easy is also convincing in terms of security.
Because no key should be lost, especially in sensitive areas. This does not happen with the electronic door lock. And you always know who has opened the door and can withdraw opening rights at any time.