BURG-WÄCHTER Tresore für Hotels - Pure-Safe Hoteltresor
BURG-WÄCHTER Tresore für Hotels - Pure-Safe Hoteltresor

Safe and comfortable

Tresore für Hotel, Altenheim, Krankenhaus & Co.

Safety for guests and operators

Security and comfort also play an important role in places where guests and visitors are only staying temporarily. Not just for hotels. But also for hospitals, retirement homes or day care centres. Nobody - neither guest nor operator - wants to have to worry about theft while on holiday or during a hospital stay, for example. Guests' valuables must be secured and guests must be able to store their valuables safely and conveniently in their room.

BURG-WÄCHTER Hoteltresore und Laptoptresore - Pure-Safe 130 LAP


Hotel safes and patient safes

A BURG-WÄCHTER hotel and laptop safe is the ideal solution for hoteliers, but also for hospitals, retirement homes, etc. to offer their guests security and convenience.
Our hotel and laptop safes can be operated easily and intuitively by your guests and increase the comfort of their stay. This is because guests do not have to constantly carry their valuables with them. With more than 100 years of experience in the field of security, BURG-WÄCHTER also gives your guests that special feeling of security.

BURG-WÄCHTER Tresore für Büro, Gewerbe - Backoffice Tresore

When safety counts

Perfect back office safes

Even in times of increasing digitalisation, documents in paper form continue to accumulate in hotels and restaurants - be it invoices, contracts or other important documents. These are best stored in an ECB-certified document cabinet such as the BURG-WÄCHTER Office-Doku 824 E FP - naturally burglar and fire-proof. This ensures protection against theft and fire. Suitable safes for valuables and documents are available from BURG-WÄCHTER in various sizes, resistance and fire protection classes.

BURG-WÄCHTER Geldkassette

Practical addition

EURO money counting cassettes

Credit cards notwithstanding. Especially in hotels and restaurants, cash continues to play an important role in daily dealings with guests. It's good to have quick access to change with a cash cassette, for example. Particularly practical: EURO cash boxes from BURG-WÄCHTER.