Archiv-Türschlosselektronik-secuENTRY Einzelkomponenten 〡 ENTRY 7670 BRIDGE


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Your new freedom: Open your door on the move with the secuENTRY Bridge.

Your door lock has never been so smart! With the secuENTRY Bridge from BURG-WÄCHTER, you can conveniently open your front door from anywhere in the world. Simply by using the free BURGsmart App for your smartphone. This allows you to conveniently let visitors, children or tradesmen into your home. Because with the BURG-WÄCHTER Bridge, your electronic secuENTRY door lock goes online! The secuENTRY Bridge from BURG-WÄCHTER was awarded the PLUS X AWARD 2020 for high quality, ease of use and functionality and is compatible with all secuENTRY door locks.

Opening via secure Bluetooth signal

How does it work? It's simple! With the BURGsmart App (free for iOS and Android), you send the opening signal to the BURG-WÄCHTER Bridge via smartphone. The bridge, which is integrated into your home WLAN, sends an AES-encrypted and therefore secure Bluetooth signal with the modern Bluetooth standard 5.2 LE to your electronic door cylinder, which is up to four metres away. This allows your guests to open the door! The same applies to locking the door.

How the secuENTRY Bridge works

  • Register the bridge in the BURGsmart App
  • Send the opening signal (no matter where you are) to the secuENTRY door lock via the BURGsmart App
  • WLAN router receives the signal and forwards it to the bridge
  • Bridge sends encrypted Bluetooth release to the door cylinder
  • The secuENTRY door lock can be opened
  • Locking rights can be assigned very easily
The Bridge also offers other clever features. It allows you to "hand over the keys remotely". With the Bridge, you can easily assign locking authorisations for your holiday home to the minute. You create the opening code conveniently at home. Your holiday guest then only has to enter the code on the secuENTRY keypad.

The Door eGuard Video Bell 8500 shows who is at the door

By the way: The smart Door eGuard Video Bell 8500 door intercom is the perfect complement to the Bridge, because it allows you to see who is ringing the doorbell live via the BURGsmart App and open your front door remotely.

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