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Buying a safe: The most important tips at a glance

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8 Tips for buying a safe

BURG-WÄCHTER answers the crucial questions about what you should look out for when buying a safe.

How to find the right safe!

Different sizes, resistance classes, certifications: Anyone who wants to buy a safe can quickly lose track of the large selection. But that doesn't have to be the case. With our following tips you will find the right safe for your individual needs. With security!

Safe Buying Tips:
1. How much space do I need?

When buying a safe, the size or volume of the interior is an important point. Our tip, based on years of experience: always choose the larger model with space reserve! Experience has shown that, over time, valuables, documents and treasured possessions will be added that you want to store safely. That's why BURG-WÄCHTER safes always come in three or even four different sizes. Safes with folder depth are practical. Folders with important documents fit into the safe. The selection ranges from Freestanding home safes to armoured safes weighing more than one and a half tonnes.

Safe buying tips:
2. What are the different types of safes?

Most safe buyers opt for a Freestanding home safe. Although the safes look quite handy, they also weigh 100 kilos and more, depending on the resistance class. Despite the high weight, the safes must be firmly anchored in the wall or floor. This is because the majority of safes are not opened on site during burglaries, but are taken away. The alternative to the Freestanding home safe is the wall safe. This is set in concrete in the brickwork, which further increases security. An armoured safe stands freely in the room and can weigh more than a ton.

Tipps zum Tresor-Kauf von den BURG-WÄCHTER Experten

Safe Buying Tips:
3. How do I want to open the safe?

Whether it's a Freestanding home safe, an armoured cabinet or a wall safe, you can choose between key, code and fingerprint as the opening method for all models. The trend is towards code and fingerprint. Because a key can be lost quickly. Besides: If a burglar discovers the key from the safe, he will also look for the key. Since 2022, BURG-WÄCHTER has been the only manufacturer to offer certified opening with just a fingerprint or optionally with a numerical code. This guarantees that you always have your key with you and cannot lose it! Because the fingerprint is the optimal medium for identification. After all, every fingerprint is unique. Even in the case of identical twins.

Safe-buying tips:
4. What kind of burglary protection is there?

For the security of your valuables, the safe should have certified burglary protection. The resistance levels show how strong the burglary protection is. These range from S1 through S2 and 0/N to the high classes I-V. Privately, models with resistance classes S2 (Dual-Safe and Combi-Line safes), 0/N (Magno and Karat safes) and I (Diplomat safes) are most common. The higher the resistance grade, the higher the possible sum insured. For commercial and upmarket private purposes, the Office series up to resistance grade II and the Premium series Royal with resistance grade I up to a maximum of V are used.
Safe-buying tips: 5. How is protection guaranteed in the event of a fire?
To ensure that important documents do not go up in smoke in the event of a fire, some safes have certified fire protection. And of course this is in addition to the certified burglary protection. So you are doubly protected. The Combi-Line series - just like the Dual-Safe series - guarantees at least 30 minutes of protection for papers stored in the safe in the event of a fire. In the case of the Diplomat and Office-Doku, it is even 60 minutes. The models are ideal for use at home and in companies.

Safe-buying tips:
6. Are all valuables in my safe automatically insured?

Unfortunately not. In general, the higher the resistance class of my safe, the higher the possible sum insured. Be sure to discuss the details with your insurance company before buying a safe! As a rule, the possible sum insured for a safe with resistance grade I, for example the Diplomat series, is at least 65,000 euros for private users.

Safe-buying tips:
7. Do I need a special safe if I want to store weapons at home, e.g. as a hunter?

The German weapons law requires a safe with at least resistance grade 0/N for the storage of firearms. BURG-WÄCHTER has built the Ranger N5 and Ranger N7 gun safes for up to five and seven long guns respectively. The Ranger 800/N even offers space for eight long guns and is even more massive with resistance grade I. The Magno safe is suitable for up to five handguns.

Safe-buying tips:
8. How does the safe get to my home?

A solid safe consists of several steel walls. The filling also weighs a lot. Therefore, many safes cannot be moved easily. BURG-WÄCHTER offers a special transport service for this purpose. In the case of very heavy models, an exact enquiry about the structural situation on site is made before delivery. So that your safe arrives safely at the desired location. Of course, the safe can be anchored directly by the service team if desired.