6 Tipps: So sichern Sie Ihr Zuhause in der Reisezeit - BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD

6 tips: How to secure your home during the travel season

Holiday at last - the best time of the year! But the wonderful weeks can quickly turn into a nightmare when you return. Burglars prefer to use the holiday period to break into houses and flats. The brazen thieves can take their time over the days to scout out the situation on site and use the right time to break in. With these simple tips, you can secure your home during the holiday season.

After a decline in the number of burglaries in Germany over many years, the number rose again significantly in 2022. With these simple tips, you reduce the risk of becoming a victim of burglars. Especially during the holiday season. Because travel time is burglary time!

1. additionally secure doors and windows

It should go without saying that doors and windows should be closed and, if possible, locked before you go on holiday. Because tilted windows are no obstacle for experienced burglars. They can open them within seconds and are inside the house.

Additional security measures significantly increase burglary protection. The "Cologne Study" on burglary protection shows that only about one in a hundred burglaries is successful if additional security devices are used. The WinSafe series is particularly suitable for windows and patio doors. Stiftung-Wartentest awarded the models WinSafe WS 33 (grade 0.9) and WinSafe WS 22 (grade 1.1) the top result "very good".

2 Empty the letterbox regularly

Newspapers, brochures and the odd bill: over the course of the day, you get a lot of mail that fills up your letterbox or even makes it overflow. If you don't empty it, it's a clear sign for burglars: there's nobody at home! So ask friends or neighbours to empty the letterbox several times a week. 3.

3. open and close the blinds

Not only the stuffed letterbox. Permanently closed shutters are also a clear sign of absence. Ask neighbours or friends to open and close the shutters regularly. And not always at the same time, but at different times.

Electronic roller shutters can now be opened or closed at any time using timing functions. With "smart" systems, they can even be opened or closed via an app from your holiday destination. If you still have a mechanical model with a belt, ask friends or neighbours to open and close the shutters. At the same time, you can ventilate directly once a day.

4. don't announce your holiday on Instagram & Co.

Yes, our need to communicate has increased dramatically in recent years thanks to the possibilities of social media. We are all too happy to post the best photos of our holiday on Instagram, Facebook & Co. as a matter of course or announce in advance: "I'm off - three weeks in Mallorca!"

Such information is worth its weight in gold for burglars. They have a clear path if they can clearly identify their victims and their houses. You might as well put a sign in front of the door: "I won't be home for three weeks!

5. monitor entrances and property

No matter where you are. You can now access video camera footage from anywhere in the world. Not only is video surveillance a deterrent, but trespassing in defined areas can also set off an alarm. If this is the case, you will be informed directly. By the way, the BURGcam series offers a selection of modern video cameras for private use.

6 A high-quality safe protects valuables and papers

If a burglar gets into the house despite all security measures, valuables, important documents and personal treasures should not be freely accessible. The right place is a high-quality safe. If it is properly anchored, burglars have little chance of taking the safe and breaking it open at their leisure in a safe place. Burglars do not usually take the risk of opening the safe directly in the house. The risk of being discovered is too great for them. Read here to find out which safe is suitable for your private and business use.