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Anniversaries and retirement: BURG-WÄCHTER celebrates five long-standing employees

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Borussia Mönchengladbach celebrates the German football championship, Niki Lauda races to the Formula 1 world championship title and the Altair 8800 is the first PC on the market. All this happens in 1975, 48 years ago by now. At the same time, an era begins at BURG-WÄCHTER on 1 August of that year. Detlef Schmale starts his apprenticeship at the security specialist from Wetter-Volmarstein at the age of 16. A professional career that lasts 48 years and two months. On Wednesday, the long-standing sales manager was bid farewell to his well-deserved retirement at a joint lunch with all his colleagues.

"It has been a long, eventful journey. I look back on the years at BURG-WÄCHTER with pleasure, it was a wonderful time. How the company has developed in almost five decades from a classic family business to a globally active, well-known medium-sized company was exciting and instructive. I am grateful to have been on board for so long," Detlef Schmale looks back on his professional career at BURG-WÄCHTER. The period of German reunification was particularly exciting: "Those were eventful years in which the brand developed enormously.

BURG-WÄCHTER shaped over many years

When the now 64-year-old began his career at BURG-WÄCHTER, Christopher Lüling was not yet born. Nevertheless, the current Managing Director of the company is aware of the work and impact of the long-standing employee. "Detlef Schmale has shaped BURG-WÄCHTER. He helped shape the company and brought it forward. Without him, we would not be where we are today," says the great-grandson of company founder Alfred Lüling.

The appreciation is not only limited to the professional level. "Detlef Schmale is a special person who has an open ear for his fellow human beings and is always available with advice and support. I already experienced this as a teenager when I went to school with his son," says Christopher Lüling.

An active start to retirement

Detlef Schmale wants to start his new phase of life actively. Travelling and touring with his mountain bike are at the top of his list. Of course, there will also be more time for the family. At his farewell, Detlef Schmale passed on an important experience from his professional life to the younger generations of colleagues: "Stay real castle guards! A real Burg-Wächter is honest, is reliable, is authentic. Because if you want to sell security, you also have to radiate security!"

In addition to Detlef Schmale, Irmtraud Lüling also retired on Wednesday after 33 years with the company. She had worked at BURG-WÄCHTER since 1990, most recently in order entry. In the meantime, she enjoys her newfound free time, travels a lot and explores exciting regions and cities.

In addition, three long-serving employees were honoured on Wednesday. Heidrun Lüling and Heike Bergerhoff for 40 years of service. Bernd Husmann celebrates his silver company anniversary this year. "The anniversaries and the retirements are proof of the good working atmosphere at BURG-WÄCHTER and that long professional careers are possible with us," says Christopher Lüling.