Mit dem Fahrrad in eine bessere Zukunft: BURG-WÄCHTER unterstützt „Stiftung Kinderglück“ - BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD

Mit dem Fahrrad in eine bessere Zukunft: BURG-WÄCHTER unterstützt „Stiftung Kinderglück“

Für viele Kinder ist das eigene Fahrrad ein wahres Luxusgut. Leider. „Stiftung Kinderglück“ schenkt jedes Jahr Hunderten Kindern im Ruhrgebiet ein eigenes Fahrrad. BURG-WÄCHTER unterstützt diese tolle Aktion und sorgt mit passenden, kindgerechten Fahrradschlössern dafür, dass die neuen Schätze stets gut gesichert sind.
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Your own bike. For children, this is synonymous with a piece of freedom. After all, you can explore your surroundings with friends, expand your horizons, be free in a childlike way. At the same time, children train their motor skills and engage in sporting activities. The bicycle is simply the perfect means of transport for children.

Several hundred locks per year

But unfortunately, not all families can afford their own bike for their children. That is why BURG-WÄCHTER supports the "Stiftung Kinderglück". Every year, the foundation equips hundreds of children and young people in the Ruhr region, where child poverty is very pronounced, with their own bicycle. In addition, riding exercises and traffic rules are on the programme. After all, some of the children have never ridden a bike for any length of time before. The aim is for the kids to be able to get around safely.

In addition to their own bikes, the children receive helmets, high-visibility waistcoats and, of course, the appropriate bicycle locks for safety. Every year, BURG-WÄCHTER provides several hundred locks specially designed for children. So that the bikes are always well and securely locked and do not become stolen goods.

The own bicycle is formative for children

Grundschulkinder im Ruhrgebiet freuen sich über ihr neues Fahrrad. Möglich macht's die Stiftung Kinderglück.

"We are happy to get involved in this project. Because Stiftung Kinderglück helps disadvantaged children in many areas. And having their own bicycle is extremely important for children's development," says Christopher Lüling, Finance Director at BURG-WÄCHTER, emphasising the importance of the project.

Children learn safe orientation in road traffic

"Stiftung Kinderglück" enables primary schools in the Ruhr area to apply for bikes for their pupils from socially disadvantaged families. This way, they can also participate in the cycling training of the third and fourth classes.
On action days, volunteers then hand over the new, own bike - matched to age and body size - to the invited children. And of course the matching bicycle lock from BURG-WÄCHTER.