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Never miss a parcel again! The new eBoxx EASY+ parcel box

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The year 2020 was a record year for parcel shipping. In Germany alone,around four billion parcels were sent. That corresponds to about 125 parcelshipments per second! And there will be even more. With the new eBoxx EASY+parcel box from BURG-WÄCHTER, you will receive your parcel right at the firstdelivery attempt. Queuing in the parcel shop is finally a thing of the past. Itdoesn't matter which parcel service delivers or whether the local baker orpharmacist drops something off.Who hasn'texperienced the annoyance of waiting for an important parcel and not getting itbecause you're not at home? If you're lucky, you make it to the parcel shop thenext day to pick it up. Otherwise you have to wait even longer for your order.With the eBoxx EASY+ parcel box from BURG-WÄCHTER, you finally receive yourparcel on the first delivery attempt - and contactless. The parcel carriersimply places the delivery in the parcel box and locks the door at the touch ofa button. Your parcel is safely stored.With the eBoxx EASY+("Made in Germany"), all parcel and other delivery services(pharmacy, organic box, beverage trade, etc.) can deposit a parcel. Multipledeliveries are also possible. This means: If a parcel has already beendelivered and the eBoxx EASY+ has been closed, the next delivery service canopen the parcel box with its code and place another parcel inside. "Thepossibility of multiple deliveries is a big plus and distinguishes the eBoxxEASY+ from many other models. Because you often get more than one parcel a day.With our parcel box, all of them are delivered safely," explainsBURG-WÄCHTER sales manager Dietmar Schake.It works as simpleas thisThe eBoxx EASY+parcel box is ready to use in just a few minutes. All you need to set it up isthe free BURG-WÄCHTER secuENTRY KeyApp for your smartphone. After setting up,simply generate delivery codes and inform your delivery services when issuingthe parking permit for the parcel box. This can be done online or in person.Your eBoxx EASY+ will already be delivered.In addition, you canassign any number of one-time codes, for example for neighbours or relativeswho want to drop something off quickly and securely. Practical: The eBoxx EASY+automatically detects whether it is empty or whether a package has already beenplaced inside. If it is empty, no code is needed to open it. This makesdepositing parcels even faster and easier. (More information in the video.)The security of yourparcelIsn't a parcel boxan invitation for thieves? After all, valuable items can be hidden in theparcel! No, because you need your user code to open a filled eBoxx EASY+. Or,in the case of multiple deliveries, a parcel service needs its delivery code.Without the six-digit code, you cannot access the delivery. Another plus: Youcan read out the history function via app and thus see exactly which parcelservice delivered a parcel at what time.To open the parcelbox without a code, thieves would have to use force for a long time. Thehigh-strength laser welding and the three-point locking system protect againstbreak-ins. In addition, the risk of being caught is far too high for thieves.After all, a parcel box is located directly in front of the entrance to thehouse and is therefore usually very visible.Indirect securitywas also considered in the development of the eBoxx EASY+. The parcel box canbe opened from the inside at any time (child safety lock). The parcel box alsohas a mechanical emergency lock. The sophisticated ventilation system preventsdamp parcels (e.g. transported in the rain) from being damaged.Which size is theright one?What size would youlike? That depends, of course, on how many parcels you receive and how largethey predominantly are. The eBoxx EASY+ is available in two sizes, white andanthracite. The smaller version E 635 offers an interior volume of 98 litres,the maximum parcel size is 54 x 40.5 x 34 cm and a maximum load of 40kilograms. This means that a water crate from the beverage supplier can also beplaced inside. The larger GV 645 model has a volume of 197 litres and can holdpackages up to a maximum size of 72.5 x 53.5 40.5 cm. Depending on how it ismounted, the maximum load is 50 kilograms.Youcan add one or two eBoxx letterboxes to the E 635 model in just a few steps. Ofcourse, the letterboxes fit exactly on the parcel box. The eBoxx EASY+ E 635can be mounted on the wall, on the floor, free-standing on stands or as asystem (ideal for duplexes or apartment buildings). Up to six parcel boxes canbe installed as a free-standing system. Mounted on the wall or on the floor,the number of models is not limited.