Sicherheit im Urlaub: Tipps zum Schutz Ihres Zuhauses - BURG-WÄCHTER | BURG-GUARD

Safety on holiday: Tips for protecting your home

The anticipation of a holiday can quickly be dampened if you are worried about the security of your own home. Burglaries and thefts are unfortunately very common, especially when many people are travelling. To help you enjoy a carefree holiday, we have put together some tried and tested tips to help you leave your home safe and secure.

1. Secure doors and windows

High-quality locks: Invest in high-quality door locks and locking cylinders that are difficult to pick. Additional locks and door chains also offer extra protection.
Windows: Make sure that all windows, especially ground floor windows, are fitted with robust locks. Roller shutters and window grilles offer further protection.

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2. Alarm systems and surveillance cameras

Alarm systems: A well-installed alarm system can deter potential burglars. Make sure it is regularly maintained and tested.
Surveillance cameras: Place cameras visibly at entrance doors and other strategic points. Modern systems allow you to take a look at your home from a distance.

3. Lighting

Motion detectors: Install outdoor lighting with motion detectors to deter unwanted guests.
Timers: Use timers to switch lights on and off at different times so that it looks as if someone is at home.

4. Neighbourhood assistance

Inform neighbours: Ask trusted neighbours to keep an eye on your home. Give them a contact option in case of an emergency.
Empty your letterbox: Have your letterbox emptied regularly so that it doesn't overflow and signal your absence.

5. No evidence of absence

Social media: Avoid sharing your holiday plans on social media. Wait until you are back before posting holiday photos.
Answering machine: Do not leave a message on your answering machine indicating your absence.

6. Keep valuables safe

Safes: Store valuable items such as jewellery, important documents and cash in a secure safe.
Hiding places: Avoid obvious hiding places such as under the mattress or in the wardrobe. Use unusual places or professional security systems.

7. Garden and outdoor area

Garden maintenance: Have your lawn mowed and plants watered to keep your home looking lively.
Remove valuables: Clear away or secure expensive garden furniture, tools and bicycles to prevent theft.

8. Insurance cover

Household contents insurance: Check your household contents insurance and make sure that it offers sufficient cover in the event of a burglary.
Travel insurance: Travel insurance can provide additional security in case of problems on holiday or at home.
By following these tips, you can effectively secure your home and enjoy your holiday with peace of mind. Remember that the best precaution is to deter potential burglars with visible security measures and neighbourly help. Good preparation is the key to a worry-free holiday. Have a good trip!