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FP 44 E

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FireProtec safe FP 44 E – withstands fire and burglary

Greater ease of operation with proven security: The FireProtec safe 44 E provides one hour of tested fire protection. This means: in the event of a fire, the papers stored in the safe will be protected for at least 60 minutes. The fire protection has been tested according to class NT FIRE 017-60 P at temperatures of up to 1,000 degrees Celsius.The 25 kilogram safe achieves this high level of resistance to fire thanks to the solid lining with special insulating material. What’s more, the body with its all-round fire fold offers additional protection against fire and heat.

Two user codes, security mode, optimum top view of the LCD display

The fire protective safe FP 44 E offers numerous improvements compared to the previous model. Now two rather than only one freely selectable user codes can be programmed. Additionally, the angled display ensures an optimum top view even from above. Thanks to the security mode, the code is not shown in the LCD display when it is entered.

FireProtec safe FP 44 E for documents up to DIN A4 including a convenient drawer

The FireProtec safe FP 44 E has been designed for documents and papers up to the classic size DIN-A4. An integrated drawer provides additional storage space for the convenient sorting of valuables and documents. The new FP 44 E also wins points visually. The body in exquisite anthracite harmonises perfectly with the stainless steel coloured control panel. With the high quality rotary knob, opening and closing the fire protective safe has become even easier.

Theft protection thanks to firm fixture to the floor

Of course, the FP 44 E also protects all valuables and documents against forced entry. Both the door and body are double-walled. Strong round bolts are used for locking. The safe must be firmly secured to the ground to guarantee optimum theft protection. To this end, the safe is prepared for fixture to the floor in the factory. The fixing materials are of course included with the safe. This also applies to the four AA batteries (Mignon) required. This allows you to use your FireProtec Safe FP 44 E straight away. No power supply is needed.

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