Hotel safe / laptop safe

Hotel safes

With a hotel safe or laptop safe from BURG-WÄCHTER. Increase the security of your hotel rooms.


Point-Safe P 3 E KA4



Safe P 3 E FS LAP



The best security for your guests

Offer your guests optimum security - with a practical hotel safe.
Keep your valuables safe while travelling. A hotel safe from the Point series offers suitable protection for valuables. The hotel safe has a compact design and therefore offers space for cash, important travel documents and much more.
The lock of the safe is electronic making the opening and closing practical. With a programmable administrator code, the hotelier has the possibility to open the safe in case of emergency.

A laptop safe protects hardware and data
The laptop safe is particularly flat and deep allowing plenty of room for storage of a laptop and other items. It is also equipped with an electronic lock
You have the choice to open the safe with a secret code or your own fingerprint.

The hotel and laptop safe can be ideally installed in pieces of furniture. With the help of the wall or floor mounting holes, the safes can be firmly anchored. This ensures your guests' valuables are well hidden.