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Flexible use: The solid BlockSafe B1 security for your windows and doors.

This robust window security device from the BlockSafe series by BURG-WÄCHTER not only provides your windows with reliable burglary protection, but also optimally upgrades your doors.

VdS approved, solid construction

The housing of the window locking device is made of robust cast iron and has been tested and approved by VdS. With the help of the solid steel bolt and the extremely precise bolt guide, opening and closing your doors and windows is not only particularly secure, but also convenient. The steel bolt and the deep bolt insertion ensure a high level of security against shearing off the bolt and levering open.The cylinder locking mechanism locks precisely and comfortably.Practical feature: If you buy several BlockSafe locks (B1 and BS 2), you can have them keyed alike if you wish. This way you only need one key for all your fuses.Recommended by the police: The K-BURGLARY level B of the police confirms the effective mechanical protection of the certified products against burglary attempts.

Flexible use

The solid window security device is suitable for windows opening to the right and left, as well as to the inside and outside. The BlockSafe B1 security device is not only suitable for retrofitting your windows - your doors can also be optimally secured with this security device.The simple design ensures a visual match - you can choose the right security device for your windows from the colours white and brown.

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