secuENTRY easy plus

secuENTRY easy plus


Safe & Comfortable

Open doors quickly and securely
You don't want to carry annoying keys with you? Depending on the version and design, you have different options.

Open your front door conveniently and mobile via KeyApp using your smartphone. Or you can carry a passive transponder with you - simply hold it in front of the lock and the cylinder switches. Of course, it is also possible to open the door using an active transponder.

But would you rather use a pin code or finger scan? You can conveniently operate the cylinder with a six-digit code. This can be selected individually. You can also create time windows for individual codes.
Access using your own fingerprint is also extremely practical. First, train a finger. Then open your door.
Remote opening from anywhere in the world is possible with the secuENTRY Bridge. With the Bridge, your electronic door lock goes online!
Data transmission is secure in all systems. Among other things, by means of AES encryption. Accordingly, every process is protected against manipulation.

Smart door locks for hotels & vacation apartments
Electronic door lock for hotels and vacation apartments offers many advantages
Software helps with the overview. This allows you to keep an eye on users and processes at all times. The secuENTRY pro series also offers special applications. For example, hotels or landlords of vacation homes can conveniently organize the access rights of their guests. Furthermore, BURG-WÄCHTER offers (security) updates for secuENTRY products as well as a repair service for certain components/wear parts.

Easy installation
The electronic cylinder replaces the mechanical profile cylinder. This is mounted in just a few simple steps.