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BURGsmart Protect MOTION 2012

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WLAN PIR motion detector Motion 2012

If there are uninvited guests in the house, they will be detected by the Motion 2012 WLAN motion detector. As a result, you are immediately informed by a message on your smartphone. All you need is the free BURGsmart App. This is available for iOS and Android.

Motion detector with a range of 12 metres

With a maximum range of 12 metres and a detection angle of 120 degrees, you can cover large parts of a room with just one device. To set it up, simply integrate the Motion 2012 motion detector into your home Wi-Fi network. This gives you access to the sensor at any time and from anywhere.

Convenient set-up, no power connection necessary

The Motion 2012 has anti-tamper protection and is conveniently operated with two batteries (CR123A). A separate power connection is not necessary. However, the motion detector can also be operated via a power supply unit.The WLAN PIR motion detector Motion 2012 can be used as a stand-alone device or in conjunction with other BURGsmart PROTECT devices. You can expand the series at any time and adapt it to a new living environment. 

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