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BURGsmart Protect WATER 2062

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WLAN Water Intrusion Detector Water 2062

There is water damage in Germany about every 30 seconds. The Water 2062 water detector reports water ingress and water overflow, for example from a washing machine. If the worst comes to the worst, immediate notification can prevent even worse damage.

Immediate alarm on the smartphone

The water detector is registered via the free BURGsmart App (for iOS and Android). If the sensor detects a water ingress, the user is alerted directly via the app on the smartphone. All that is required is the integration of the water detector into the home WLAN network.

Simple installation

The water sensor can be installed without drilling. It is attached using the adhesive strips supplied. Please note when mounting: The detector must be mounted above the sensor.The WLAN water intrusion detector Water 2062 can be used as a stand-alone device or in conjunction with other BURGsmart PROTECT devices. You can expand the series at any time and adapt it to a new living environment. A power connection is not necessary for use. The contact detector is operated with two batteries (type AA, included in delivery). The batteries have a standby time of up to three years.