BURG-GUARD Professionelle Videoüberwachung
BURG-GUARD Professionelle Videoüberwachung


Welcome to the new BURG-GUARD website

Our new web presence

Dear BURG-GUARD partner,
we are pleased to welcome you to our new website and new, dealer-exclusive online store.
Digital development is advancing with great strides. Whether in a private or commercial context. In order to keep up with this development, our website and webshop has moved to a modern platform.

Consistently, with the new website and webshop, we continue the path of closer networking of BURG-GUARD | BURG-WÄCHTER, which we started last year. Therefore we have designed a modern website, common for BURG-GUARD and BURG-WÄCHTER, with more information and an advanced presentation.

As a dealer, we provide you as before with a convenient ordering option, of course based on your individual conditions and with a clear order history. The store is still available 24/7, so you can place your order when it fits best into your daily schedule.

Note: As it is not legally possible to transfer your data from the existing store, please register again to use the new dealer store. Please contact your BURG-GUARD contact person directly.

Best regards, your BURG-GUARD Team

P.S. We are far from finished with the newly designed website and the dealer store. We are already working on further advantages for you. For example, an exclusive dealer area with an extensive image database. Or on the creation of clear wish and order lists and much more.