Secure in the future too! Sustainability by BURG-WÄCHTER

BURG-WÄCHTER sustainability concept

What does "sustainability" actually mean?

  1. Sustainability or sustainable development means satisfying the needs of the present in such a way that the opportunities of future generations are not restricted. It is important to consider the three dimensions of sustainability on an equal footing:
    1. Economically efficient
    2. Socially just
    3. Ecologically viable

In order to preserve global resources in the long term, sustainability should be the basis of all political decisions.
(Source: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development)

Our sustainability concept

Sustainability is not a short-term phenomenon. Sustainability requires long-term strategic development in companies.

The BURG-WÄCHTER sustainability concept is based on the German Sustainability Code. This code is based on five pillars, subdivided into 20 requirements.

BURG-WÄCHTER Nachhaltigkeit - Strategie

Sustainability - Strategy

BURG-WÄCHTER Nachhaltigkeit - Umweltbelange

Sustainability - environmental issues

BURG-WÄCHTER Nachhaltigkeit - Prozess-Management

Sustainability - Process management

BURG-WÄCHTER Nachhaltigkeit - Arbeitnehmerbelange

Sustainability - Employee concerns

BURG-WÄCHTER Nachhaltigkeit - Compliance Richtlinien

Sustainability - Compliance


Sustainability is not a snapshot in time. Rather, true sustainability requires a long-term perspective and a focus on long-term goals.

Sustainability is a central foundation of our company and our business activities. Our sustainability strategy is based on a holistic understanding of sustainability and takes ecological, social and economic aspects into account. Our overarching goal is to ensure the long-term success of the company while taking social and ecological responsibility into account. We are aware of this responsibility in the context of increasing global challenges with regard to sustainable development in the economy, environment and society.

BURG-WÄCHTER Nachhaltigkeit Strategische Analysen

Customer orientation

Sustainability has always been an integral part of our corporate philosophy.

The main areas of action are derived from Christian values and our high ethical standards:

  1. Preservation of creation: protection of the environment and environmentally friendly production methods.
  2. Social responsibility: a special sense of responsibility for our employees and customers. This results in mutual trust.

Environmental concerns

As a processing and manufacturing company, the responsible use of natural resources plays a prominent role for BURG-WÄCHTER.

BURG-WÄCHTER Nachhaltigkeit - natürliche Ressourcen

Natural resources

No sustainability without considering "natural resources"! Both in terms of their consumption and their use.

Reducing the consumption of natural resources while increasing the use of renewable resources is at the heart of our strategy. Our production processes are designed in such a way that production-related waste is recycled.

Process Management

Six criteria describe how sustainability is managed efficiently and systematically at BURG-WÄCHTER. This ranges from the questions "Who is responsible? Are there rules and processes that are used to manage the work?" and "Are there key figures that are used to identify progress and developments?" And so on.

BURG-WÄCHTER Nachhaltigkeit Verantwortung


The responsibilities for sustainability in the company management are disclosed. The management of BURG-WÄCHTER regularly discusses measures with a major or long-term impact (investment in PV systems, tree planting projects, energy-saving measures, etc.).

Employee concerns

When it comes to sustainability, topics such as the environment, energy and consumption are not the only relevant ones. Employee concerns are also part of the BURG-WÄCHTER sustainability concept.

BURG-WÄCHTER Nachhaltigkeit Arbeitnehmerrechte

Employee rights

BURG-WÄCHTER is certified according to ISO certification and SMETA auditing in the area of employee rights.

It goes without saying that employees are involved in the further development of employee rights via the works council.

The same standards apply in the foreign production facilities as for the German sites. Auditing is also carried out on this basis. Naturally, cultural differences are taken into account.


In addition to dealing with employees, dealing with external stakeholders is an important point in the sustainability concept.

BURG-WÄCHTER Nachhaltigkeit Politische Einflussnahme

Political influence

As an independent, family-run company, political influence is essentially limited to the legislative process and laws and regulations at municipal, state, federal and European level.