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Safe - Product videos

Resistance grade I and 60-minute certified fire protection: Diplomat safes combine extreme security with modern technology.

BURG-WÄCHTER Tresorvideo Modell Diplomat

Download the video here:

Diplomat (D) (193 MB)

Diplomat (EN) (193 MB)

Diplomat (FR) (193 MB)

The Karat safe series from BURG-WÄCHTER combines robust security with elegant design. For the protection of valuables at home or in the office.

BURG-WÄCHTER Tresorvideo Modell Karat

Download the video here:

Karat (D) (198 MB)

Karat (EN) (198 MB)

Karat (FR) (198 MB)

The Dual-Safe offers double certified protection: burglary protection and fire protection.

BURG-WÄCHTER Tresorvideo Modell Dual-Safe

Download the video here:

Dual-Safe (D) (191 MB)

Dual-Safe (EN) (191 MB)

Dual-Safe (FR) (191 MB)

Magno safes offer robust security and are approved as gun safes.

BURG-WÄCHTER Tresorvideo Modell Magno

Download the video here:

Magno (D) (142MB)

Magno (EN) (142 MB)

Magno (FR) (142 MB)

Combi-Line von BURG-WÄCHTER: Der Tresor mit Doppel-Schutz

BURG-WÄCHTER Tresorvideo Modell Combi-Line

Video hier downloaden:

Combi-Line (D) (198MB)

Combi-Line (EN) (198 MB)

Combi-Line (Sous-titres FR) (198 MB)

Tresore - Social Media

BURG-WÄCHTER Professionals - Safes

BURG-WÄCHTER Profis - Videos

Video hier downloaden:

Tresor in Betrieb nehmen (DE)

BURG-WÄCHTER Profis - Videos

Video hier downloaden:

Tresor-Öffnung per Fingerprint (DE)

BURG-WÄCHTER Profis - Videos

Videos hier downloaden:

Reset beim Point-Safe (DE)