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Electronic door locks for everyone

The right choice

Advantages with secuENTRY

Your choice

You have the choice of how to open your door conveniently - with your mobile phone, by code, fingerprint or transponder.
Never stand in front of a locked door without a key again.

Sicherheit bei elektronischen Türschlössern


Your secure access – secure AES data transmission and up to 1 million code options provide the secure feeling that only those who are allowed in, can get in.

Einfache Montage von secuENTRY

Simple mounting

The secuENTRY door cylinder is easily installed - simply remove the old cylinder and insert the new electronic door cylinder - and you're done. Battery operation means there are no wires or cables to route.
House move or change of location, is no problem simply take your secuENTRY door cylinder with you.

In connection

Modern Bluetooth standard ensures a stable connection between the components.


Some secuENTRY cylinders also have an emergency lock. This ensures access even independently of electronic access media.


We have a solution for all requirements: