FAQs Electronic door locks

What is the administrator code for the secuENTRY easy plus when it is delivered?

The factory setting is 123456. If the administrator code is no longer available, it is no longer possible to perform administrator functions.

Why does the door not open automatically?

After correct code entry/transponder operation, a sound indicates that the lock has been unlocked (just like a car). The lock can then be opened or locked manually for a few seconds. The lock is then locked again. This procedure ensures optimum operational security and very low battery consumption.

Where is the administrator code stored?

The administrator code and the data record are stored in the cylinder.

Does the administrator code need to be changed?

The administrator code should be changed in any case so that no unauthorized person can open the door with the factory setting 123456.

In which areas can the secuENTRY easy plus be used?

The secuENTRY can be installed on all doors that have a profile cylinder or the corresponding pre-fitting for one. The keypads have been divided into IP classes, which provide information on the application conditions in outdoor areas.

secuENTRY cylinder: IP 65

secuENTRY keypad: IP 55


What do the three black bars in the center of the display mean?

They symbolize the battery voltage. The small dot on the right is supposed to represent the positive pole of the battery. 3 full, black fields mean full battery voltage in the keypad and the cylinder after communication has been established between the keypad and the cylinder.

What does the letter M in the lower right area of the display mean?

The M means menu. You can switch to the menu area by pressing the function key.

How do I set my language on the keypad?

The default language is German. If required, please select the language in which you can most easily operate and program the secuENTRY under the menu item Language / Language. This makes it easy to avoid communication problems. The menu structure can be found in the operating instructions.

Why does only the first two digits of the SNA serial number of the cylinder appear in the Info menu item?

For security reasons, the complete serial number is only displayed after entering the correct administrator code.

What do I do if the secuENTRY cannot be operated via the keypad as described in the instructions?

If there is undefined behavior, please perform a "reorganization". Select the Reorganize subitem under the Administrator menu item, press ENTER, enter the administrator code and wait until the reorganization has run through.

The display may react sluggishly in sub-zero temperatures. Does this have a negative effect on the functionality of the lock?

No, the functionality of the lock is fully preserved, only the display reacts more slowly in severe cold.

What must be considered when sticking the keypad to the keypad support or smooth surface?

There is a membrane on the back of the keypad between the two middle batteries. It is responsible for equalizing the pressure in the event of temperature fluctuations and thus for the safe operation of the secuENTRY. If this membrane is taped shut or covered tightly, this will inevitably cause the keypad to fail and void the warranty or guarantee.

What do I have to do if the keypad is to be attached with the enclosed adhesive pads and what do I have to pay attention to at low temperatures?

It is essential to ensure clean surfaces, which must be free of e.g. grease, oil and silicone films or other dirt particles. Make sure that the protective film of the adhesive pads is completely removed. If you do not use the enclosed wall mounting plate, first stick all the pads onto the keyboard and then press them firmly into place. In colder temperatures, the installation of the wall mounting plate should be done at the same time as the installation of the warmed-up keyboard, if possible. The final adhesive strength at 20°C is reached after 72 hours, whereas heat accelerates the process (e.g. at 65°C the final adhesive strength is already reached after one hour). The enclosed adhesive pads are a high-performance adhesive which can also be used at object and ambient temperatures of 0°C. If these deviate considerably, suitable measures (e.g. fan heater or hair dryer) must be taken. After completing the measure, please check the adhesive function by pulling gently and carefully on the keyboard. Once the adhesive has reached its final adhesive strength, it can be used in accordance with the approved environmental conditions.

What can I do if the lock frequently fails to open directly when using the fingerprint?

In such cases, the contact between the battery pole and the contact spring is not sufficiently good. Please lubricate battery poles with commercially available pole grease (e.g. available in car accessories) to ensure unrestricted current flow.

The finger structure has changed due to injury, dirt, wear or the influence of moisture. Remedy: use a different finger or retrain the finger. The finger scanner and the finger must be dry.

What can I do if the keyboard does not respond to input?

The keyboard is a touch keyboard where the "keys" may only be touched. If they are pressed (firmly), input is no longer possible for 30 sec. After that, the system reacts as usual.

What can I do if a lock mounted on steel or sheet metal doors does not open directly more often?

In such cases, the contact between the battery pole and the contact spring is not good enough. Please lubricate battery poles with commercial pole grease (e.g. available in car accessories) to ensure unrestricted current flow. In addition, the transmitting power should be increased via the menu.

The display of the 5711 and 5712 keyboards flickers.

You should replace the batteries with AA LR 06 batteries. In several cases tested, only zinc-carbon batteries R 06 were used; after using AA LR 06 batteries, the problem was solved.

How does the power supply work?

Both components - cylinder and keypad - must be supplied with power. For the cylinder you need one CR 123A battery for the outside knob and for the inside knob two LR06 batteries (AA) type alkaline. For the keypad you also need two LR06 batteries (AA) type alkaline. Rechargeable batteries must not be used under any circumstances. The batteries for the start-up are included in the delivery.

What can I do if the battery display varies greatly between individual operations or runs down quickly?

Due to strong temperature fluctuations (especially outdoors where the keypad is located) the performance of the batteries may vary.

The batteries in the keypad and in the cylinder should be replaced.

The contact between the battery pole and the contact spring is not sufficient in such cases. Please lubricate battery poles with commercially available pole grease (e.g. available in car accessories) to ensure unrestricted current flow.

"Please repeat procedure"/"Communication error":

What action should be taken if the last digit of the code is not accepted, "Please repeat procedure" or "Communication error" appears in the display?

The battery disconnect strip on the cylinder was not removed after unpacking.The keypad is not registered to the cylinder electronics.Voltage supply in the cylinder must be checked.The transmission power should be increased manually via the menu.

What should be done in case of installation/operation problems with the software?

For the different software variants, a PC with Windows XP, Windows Vista or with Windows 7/8/10 in standard configuration is required; also a USB connection. It is known that faulty software can cause unauthorized changes in the operating system. This may cause malfunctions to occur. In such a case, please download the latest update of your secuENTRY software. If this is not successful, please download the latest updates for your operating system. If the problems are still not resolved, you should perform a new installation on a different computer, or remove interfering programs, or perform a new installation of the operating system. It may be useful to switch off the virus protection before the installation. Always install the program with a user with administrator rights.

Is a data backup necessary?

Regular backups are recommended to prevent the loss of locking system data.

Is it always necessary to connect the USB adapter to use the software?

Connecting the USB adapter prevents people from accessing the data directly. Therefore, always keep the USB adapter in a safe place.

How do I protect my data?

Use an antivirus program from a reputable manufacturer and update it regularly. For higher requirements, you can additionally secure the installation path of the BURG-WÄCHTER software with a commercially available encryption program at a very high level.

Can one transponder be used for several locking systems?

Yes, one transponder can be used for an infinite number of locking systems, since the data required for this is stored in the cylinder and the transponder only has a passive effect. A transponder can be programmed for any number of locking systems.

How can I teach a transponder to the secuENTRY easy plus 5651?

Switch on the keypad

Then pressFUNC , "Menu / Change code" appears.Scroll with key 2 until "Administrator menu" appears.Confirm with Enter. The menu item "Create user" appears. Scroll with key 2 until the menu item "Create: Transponder" appears. Confirm with Enter.Enter the administrator code to obtain authorization for programming.Hold the transponder to be registered face down on the knob.

Data has been saved" appears in the display!

What is the range between the smartphone and the secuENTRY easy plus door lock when opening the door via KeyApp?

The Bluetooth signal has a maximum range (depending on the environmental factors) of about four meters. This means you do not have to hold your smartphone directly up to the door lock when opening the door.

How can I perform a software update for my secuENTRY door lock via KeyApp?

To ensure that the software of your secuENTRY door lock is always up to date, we recommend performing firmware updates. You can find the current software version in the KeyApp under the menu item "Firmware update". There you select your corresponding cylinder model and play the firmware update via KeyApp on the cylinder.

Why can there be restrictions with Huawei smartphones when using the KeyApp?

Huawei smartphones may experience failures in the area of Bluetooth communication between the smartphone and the KeyApp. We are trying to clarify the situation as soon as possible and ask for your understanding. Please check the app description to see which smart devices you can use the app with.

How is the emergency lock opened?

If the secuENTRY easy is to be opened via the emergency lock, insert the emergency key below the knob and turn it clockwise a quarter turn (90°). Then, as after entering a code on the keypad, turn the knob and open the door. It is not enough just to turn the emergency key!

How to close the emergency lock?

The key must first be turned a quarter turn counterclockwise and then pulled out of the lock. Then turn the knob two turns in both directions to restore the freewheel.

Which security fitting do we recommend?

For higher security requirements, please use a security fitting according to DIN 18257 of the appropriate resistance class.

The security fittings are usually equipped with a slotted rosette for the key passage. As a rule, this must be removed before installing a product from the secuENTRY series.

BURG-WÄCHTER is usually able to supply spare parts or carry out professional repairs for electronic products for at least 8 years after purchase.

Contact your specialist dealer if necessary.

If required, BURG-WÄCHTER will provide firmware updates free of charge for the product you have purchased.

If you do not decide to subscribe to the corresponding newsletter, please check the BURG-WÄCHTER homepage (https://www.burg.biz) regularly.

Do the suppliers generally provide information on (security) updates and reparability of the products?

BURG-WÄCHTER offers updates for general product improvement. The updates increase the security of the products and also provide an optimized user experience. In addition, BURG-WÄCHTER equally offers repair and spare parts for the corresponding products.

Are there any statements about how long the devices should be supplied with (security) updates or how long spare parts should be kept in stock?

BURG-WÄCHTER offers corresponding updates and spare parts for electronic secuENTRY door locks for at least ten years, or compatible spare parts to repair the products professionally.

Is there a manufacturer's guarantee or similar, how long the devices are supplied with (security) updates or how long spare parts are kept in stock?

BURG-WÄCHTER guarantees the provision of updates and spare parts for the secuENTRY door locks, as far as reasonable and possible, for at least ten years.

Is there a repair service?

BURG-WÄCHTER offers a repair service for electronic secuENTRY door locks for certain components/wear parts.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to read through our operating instructions and/or contact us.