To prevent you from accidentally opening your neighbour's lock with your key, a padlock has many different locks. With the Alpha premium lock, there are 300,000 different locks. Of course, you can also purchase several models with the same key. Then you can open several locks with just one key. Models that are also available as keyed alike can be recognised by the following symbol

A second and even third locking level is also possible with so-called master key and general master key systems. An example: Several lockers are to be equipped with locks that are guaranteed to lock differently. This way, the neighbour's locker cannot be opened with one's own key. But the owner can open all lockers with only one key in an emergency.

If you want to integrate a padlock into already existing locking systems, choose the 116 Profi PC model. A standard-size profile half cylinder is inserted into the lock, which can be replaced at any time.