Privacy policy for the LinkedIn presence of Burg-Wächter KG

(Status: 23.11.2022)

(1) Burg-Wächter KG, Altenhofer Weg 15, D-58300 Wetter (Ruhr), uses the technical platform and services of LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company, Wilton Place, Dublin 2, Ireland for the information service offered here.

We would like to point out that you use this LinkedIn page and its functions on your own responsibility. This applies in particular to the use of the interactive functions (e.g. commenting, sharing, rating).

Alternatively, you can also access the information offered via this page on our website at

(2) When you visit our LinkedIn page, LinkedIn collects, among other things, your IP address and other information that is present in the form of cookies on your PC. This information is used to provide us, as the operator of the LinkedIn pages, with statistical information about the use of the LinkedIn page.

LinkedIn provides more detailed information on this at the following link:

(3) The data collected about you in this context will be processed by LinkedIn Ltd. and may be transferred to countries outside the European Union. What information LinkedIn receives and how it is used is described in general terms by LinkedIn in its data usage guidelines. There you will also find information on how to contact LinkedIn and on the settings options for advertisements.

The data usage guidelines are available under the following link:

(4) In which way LinkedIn uses the data from the visit of LinkedIn pages for its own purposes, to what extent activities on the LinkedIn page are assigned to individual users, how long LinkedIn stores this data and whether data from a visit to the LinkedIn page is passed on to third parties, is not conclusively and clearly stated by LinkedIn and is not known to us.

(5) When accessing a LinkedIn page, the IP address assigned to your end device is transmitted to LinkedIn. According to information from LinkedIn, this IP address is anonymized (for "German" IP addresses). LinkedIn also stores information about the end devices of its users (e.g. as part of the "login notification" function); if necessary, LinkedIn is thus able to assign IP addresses to individual users.

(6) If you are currently logged in to LinkedIn as a user, a cookie with your LinkedIn identification is located on your end device. This enables LinkedIn to track that you have visited this page and how you have used it. This also applies to all other LinkedIn pages.

The usage guidelines are available at the following link:

(7) Via LinkedIn buttons embedded in websites, it is possible for LinkedIn to record your visits to these website pages and assign them to your LinkedIn profile. Based on this data, content or advertising can be offered tailored to you.

If you wish to avoid this, you should log out of LinkedIn or deactivate the "stay logged in" function, delete the cookies present on your device and exit and restart your browser.

In this way, LinkedIn information through which you can be directly identified will be deleted. This allows you to use our LinkedIn page without revealing your LinkedIn identifier.

(8) When you access interactive features of the site (like, comment, share, news, etc.), a LinkedIn login screen will appear. After any login, you will again be recognizable to LinkedIn as a specific user.

Information on how you can manage or delete information available about you can be found on the following LinkedIn support pages:

(9) We, as the provider of the information service, also collect and process the following data from your use of our service: social media ID and, if applicable, the e-mail address as well as name and address. The e-mail address, name and address are only processed if this is necessary, e.g. in the case of a support request.

The provision of information about this information service and processing of this via this service is thereby carried out, based on a legitimate interest of Burg-Wächter KG, pursuant to Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f DSGVO, to inform customers and interested parties of Burg-Wächter KG about a ready range of platforms and based on your own decision/consent to use this LinkedIn page (pursuant to Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a DSGVO).

(10) Burg-Wächter KG uses to manage its social media presences.

The tool makes it possible to evaluate and manage reactions to our content. The following categories of data are processed by processed:

- User names
- first and last name
- user IDs of various social media platforms
- authorization tokens of various social media platforms
- passwords of user accounts
- profile URLs, profile pictures
- website URLs
- phone number
- email addresses
- various content, stored and published on social media platforms (timestamps, post IDs, post texts, images, videos, links, comments, ratings, private messages)
- other attachments and metadata of social media content.

The processing here is based on a legitimate interest of Burg-Wächter KG (pursuant to Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f DSGVO) and on your own decision/consent to use and post this data within the LinkedIn page (pursuant to Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a DSGVO).

For this purpose, we have concluded an order processing agreement with pursuant to Art. 28 (3) DSGVO.

The data usage guidelines are available at the following link:

(11) You can find this data protection declaration in the currently valid version under the item "Data protection" on our LinkedIn page.

(12) If you have any questions about our information offering, you can contact us at