BURG-GUARD Remote Service
BURG-GUARD Remote Service

BURG-GUARD Remote Support

Remote support

For targeted support with commissioning, project planning and complex questions, we offer you remote support at a date agreed with you as a chargeable support service. Our support staff will be exclusively available to you at this time and will assist you with all your questions by telephone, remote maintenance tool (e.g. TeamViewer) or Internet access. You will thus receive perfect support and online briefings on the products, systems and software, so that smooth commissioning, configuration or problem-solving can be
performed on site.

Your benefits: Simply book remote support by the hour with your order and benefit from our 'eyes on site' support, by our qualified support team (Part number: 16925).

To ensure that our support staff has sufficient time for you, please arrange an appointment in good time.

If you have any questions about services, please feel free to contact us at any time:

Tel.: +49 2358 905 497

Mail.: BURG-GUARD-SUPPORT@burg.biz

Remote maintenance

A support staff member can connect directly to your PC/notebook via remote maintenance tool. This way, we can support you without having to call to get all the details of the local configuration, so you can continue your tasks quickly and easily.

Our remote maintenance tool does not require any configuration, you simply tell our support staff the data that the software shows you to establish a connection. A fast internet connection is required.

You have the choice between two different remote maintenance tools - you may already be using one of these tools:

Remote maintenance tool AnyDesk©

to download (Windows)

AnyDesk remote desktop software offers the highest standard of security: standardised TLS 1.2 protocol technology protects all connections, connections are encrypted with an RSA 2048 asymmetric key and 256-bit AES transport encryption protects the data stream.

Remote maintenance tool TeamViewer©

to download (Windows)

For remote control of mobile devices, please install the TeamViewer Quick Support (QS) App

Thanks to its high security standard, the remote maintenance tool is a very secure solution for remote maintenance. Your connection runs over fully secured data channels with 1024 bit RSA Key Exchange and 256 bit AES Session Encoding.

P2P Remote Configuration (BURGvms)

If your equipment is already connected to the internet you can easily share access with us. Make sure P2P is enabled and the device is online. Have the access data ready.

The advantage:You do not need a PC or laptop on site to use this service.

Support and technical assistance on site

If remote support is not sufficient, we are also happy to support you on site during commissioning, troubleshooting,
project planning or factory acceptance. To do this, simply make an appointment with our support colleagues. You can choose from two different packages:

  • Daily flat rate with a total of max. 10 hours working and driving time incl. arrival and departure. Appointment as requested (item number: 16930).
  • Flat rate for a total of max. 3 hrs. working time on site. Appointment is made after consultation with us, as we always set these appointments separately (item number: 16940).
  • Further offers can be requested individually.

If you have any questions about services, please feel free to contact us at any time:

Tel.: +49 2358 905 497
Mail.: BURG-GUARD-SUPPORT@burg.biz