BURG-WÄCHTER smarte Türschlösser secuENTRY Home
BURG-WÄCHTER smarte Türschlösser secuENTRY Home

Easy access for your home

Smart Locks for personal use

Personal safety

The home should be a safe sanctuary away from hectic modern life. The security of your home is therefore of great importance. For this reason, BURG-WÄCHTER have developed its own electronic door locks, utilising over 100 years of experience to offer a convenient, yet secure solution.

Advantages with secuENTRY

Your choice

Forgetting your key is no longer a problem. Choose to open your door by smartphone, pin code, fingerprint or transponder.

Sicherheit bei elektronischen Türschlössern


Your secure access - data transmission via AES key and 1 million code possibilities provide the secure feeling that only those who are allowed in can get in.

Einfache Montage von secuENTRY

Simple mounting

The secuENTRY door cylinder is installed in just a few minutes - simply remove the old cylinder and insert the new electronic door cylinder - and you're done.
If you ever move, simply take your secuENTRY door cylinder with you.

Smarte Türelektronik von BURG-WÄCHTER

Convenient locking redefined

With secuENTRY the electronic door cylinders can be operated by pin code, fingerprint, transponder or smartphone. However, the KeyApp offers so much more. Using additional accessories, secuENTRY can also be used to open / close electronic garage doors & automated gates, to name just two of its many uses.

Öffnen einer Tür mit Pin-Tastatur und smarten Türschloss secuENTRY HomeÖffnen einer Tür mit Pin-Tastatur und smarten Türschloss secuENTRY Home


The new secuENTRY home

Reduced to the max - that's the new secuENTRY home. It gives you everything you need to benefit from the advantages of an electronic door lock for your flat or front door.

What else do you need? Just your mobile phone and the BURGsmart app - and your modern door locking system is ready.

BURG-WÄCHTER secuENTRY easy das smarte elektronische  TürschlosssecuENTRY Öffnen der Tür mit dem Handy und App von BURG-WÄCHTER


SecuENTRYeasy is more than just a smart door lock – it’s a fully scalable modular locking solution

You want more than just a smart door lock? Then secuENTRY easy is the perfect solution.

With the new secuENTRY easy and the matching modules, the capabilities can be adapted exactly to your requirements: You also want to open your front door remotely? No problem!
You want to open the door with your fingerprint instead of a pin - also no problem!

It's easy to get started.


Product comparison in the video

BURG-WÄCHTER Profis - Video zum Vergleich von secuENTRY home und secuENTRY easy