The safe is delivered from the factory with two keys. Additional keys can be ordered without waiting time.

What advantages does the SecuSafe TRS 22 safe lock offer over conventional safe locks?

01: In case of key loss, you can react immediately. If a key is lost, a new set of keys can be ordered. This is cheaper and more secure than trying to copy a key. The "learning

of the new keys is done in a few simple steps.

02. several safes can be set to "keyed alike". Never again search for the right safe key. The SecuSafe TRS 22 can be changed to a keyed alike lock. This allows you to open the safe at home and at work with one key.

03. it is possible to order "multiple keys". At the customer's request, the safes can be supplied with several keys. And without waiting time. This means that all authorised persons have their personal key at the same time. There is no need for annoying swapping among each other.