BURG-GUARD Überwachungsmonitore - immer alles im Blick
BURG-GUARD Überwachungsmonitore - immer alles im Blick

Surveillance monitors: Razor-sharp images

Monitors: The quality is crucial

In order to have the best possible view of the images from your surveillance camera, it is a good idea to combine it with a 24/7 capable surveillance monitor. High-quality monitors allow you to follow what is happening without having to be physically present yourself. Of course, multiple live images can be combined with the surveillance monitor via the recorder. In order to see details, the image quality of the monitor plays a major role. Even the best surveillance camera is of little use if the transmitted images are not displayed appropriately and thus not all relevant details can be seen accurately.

BURG-GUARD - Der Monitor als Schlüsselelement

The monitor as a key element

We offer you the right choice to provide you with the monitor for your purposes (office, industrial, 24/7,..). Each monitor is manufactured in the usual quality and guarantees you a high quality image to have your surveillance under optimal control. In different sizes and with different setup options, BURG-GUARD offers you the most suitable surveillance monitor for your purpose.

The right monitor for every application

Monitors for Installation, Service and Maintenance Test Monitor for Analog, IP and AHD/CVI/TVI Camera, Cable & Monitor Testing

he SPM-IP-CVI test monitor is ideal for maintaining and setting up analog (FBAS), IP or CVI, AHD, TVI cameras. It is also suitable for checking the network (PoE voltage, device search, WLAN, ping, browser). The test monitor can be operated via the high-resolution 7" touch-screen display (1280x800 pixels) or the control keys. Furthermore, the test monitor is WLAN-capable and supports the ONVIF protocol, among others. Recordings (snapshots, videos) can be stored and swapped on SD card, an 8GB SD card is included. Thanks to an integrated LED lamp, a battery runtime of max. 10 hours and a suitable carrying bag, this test monitor is easy and comfortable to use. The drop protection on the sides secures the system against damage from low heights.

It supports CVI, AHD, TVI, analog signals, incl. RS485 PTZ control, IP cameras via ONVIF / BURG CAM app for testing cameras, app for HDMI cables and monitor test, apps for: Ping Test, PoE, Portscan, Cable Tester, and more is supported.