Rope,chain,bicycle locks combination locks | 430 C 60

430 C 60

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Combination lock / code lock

In addition to our classic locks, you have the option of choosing a combination lock. These are particularly practical to open and close.

A combination padlock for every application

Our combination locks can be used in many different ways. Secure lockers, gates or backpacks, for example. The individual models are compact, pleasantly light and yet sturdy. Thanks to the different shapes, colours and sizes, you are guaranteed to find the ideal code lock. You can also choose either a chrome-plated shackle or a flexible wire. This way you can secure even more individually. Especially useful for a flight to the USA: We also carry various TSA locks. With these you secure your luggage and make it possible for the TSA to open your suitcase without damaging it. Click here for the TSA locks.

A combination lock is practical and reliable

You don't need an extra key. You can easily open a combination padlock with a three- or four-digit code. You also have the option of choosing your own combination. This means that only you have access to the combination lock. The body of all locks is also robust. In this way, the combination mechanism is always protected from external influences. 

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