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Anzahl Schlüsselhaken

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Vorgerichtete Profilzylinder

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Emergency key box 6161 with hammer and chain

There are many areas where you need to place an emergency key securely. The emergency key box 6161 with matching hammer is the ideal storage place for this. In the clearly visible red (RAL 3020 traffic red) you will recognise the emergency key box immediately. Important: The emergency key box must always be easily accessible. This way, the key is always within reach in case of emergency. Ideal for:
  • Public buildings
  • Administrations
  • Schools.

Emergency key box with high-quality cylinder lock

The key stored there is securely stored behind a pane. This must be smashed in order to access the key. The emergency key box 6160 is supplied without a hammer. The owner or caretaker opens the security box via the high-quality cylinder lock. The key box is supplied with two keys. Of course, the mounting material is also included in the scope of delivery.

"Made in Germany" of robust sheet steel

In general, the emergency key box should never be used. If it does, you do not have to replace the entire emergency key box afterwards. Instead, simply purchase the disc or the hammer as a spare part. The key box is made of robust sheet steel "Made in Germany". This ensures a high durability.

Accessories and spare parts

Hammers HMK 1
Pane SCH 1