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720 200 Snap+lock

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Colour:black; silver


Quantity: (per packaging unit): pc

Cable lock with sturdy body and adjustable combination lock.

The special feature of the Snap+Lock 200 cable lock from BURG-WÄCHTER is its versatility.Use it not only to secure your bike, but also for luggage, garden furniture, computer hardware, sports equipment such as skis and snowboards and much more.The 2-metre cable can be pulled through various objects and tightened continuously. These objects are thus quickly and practically secured against "removal" and theft. The cable end for pulling through has a diameter of 9 mm.Also practical: You do not need a key for this cable lock. Choose your personal 4-digit number combination and open and close your lock quickly, safely and conveniently. Are you looking for a longer cable lock? Then the Snap+Lock 300 with a length of three metres might be just the thing for you!

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