Briefkästen-Ständer + Zubehör Briefkästen | BASE Uni 150 Ni

BASE Uni 150 Ni

SKU: 4003482372609

Colour:Stainless steel


Simple assembly, without concreting: With the BASE Uni 150 Ni mounting foot

This practical method of mounting your free-standing letterbox is quick and convenient. With the two BASE Uni 150 Ni mounting feet in the set, you can securely and safely fasten the stand and letterbox to the ground.

Made of stainless steel

The BASE Uni 150 Ni stainless steel mounting foot is made of rustproof stainless steel. It is particularly weatherproof, durable and also has a beautiful appearance.

Mounting tip for Base Uni 150 Ni:

The stand must be mounted on a solid surface (e.g. concrete). The height (length) of the stand can be adjusted individually, i.e. it can also be shortened if necessary. It is placed centrally on the support (foot) and pressed down firmly. If necessary, a plastic hammer can be used for this purpose. The mounting material is already enclosed with the mounting foot so that you can securely mount your letterbox and put it into operation as quickly as possible. 

Properties | Recommendations for use

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